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NLP & Golf

Written by Adam Sprackling a trainer with NLP World and  golf mind coach.

NLP Sports Coaching

The 10 keys to success and fulfillment in life are the same for golf. But what are they?

I’ve been writing articles on the mental game for some time now and more often than not I find myself writing “…in golf, and life…”. This is because the keys to finding success and fulfillment in golf are often exactly the same as the keys to finding success and fulfillment in life. Through my coaching and training over the last 15 years, I’ve been lucky enough to help literally thousands of people lead extremely happy and fulfilled lives. I’d like to share with you 10 parallels I have noticed to help inspire you to more success and fulfillment in both. Here they are:

1. Focus on what you want

We get what we focus on – unconsciously. Those of you who have read/seen/heard about “The Secret” know that we attract what we dwell on – whether it’s the car we want to own or the golf shot we want to play. But this means that by worrying about things we don’t want, we attract them too! The real secret is learning how to make congruent choices and then letting go of our emotional attachment to getting it or not. Click here for more. This leads on to…

2. Be congruent

If you find yourself dwelling on what you don’t want (eg “I don’t want to mess this up!”) then the temptation might be to bully yourself into focusing on what you do want with positive thinking (e.g saying to yourself “I’m great!”). Although this can work temporarily, if your entire house is built on polyfilla, you know it won’t last. Instead address your fears and self doubts so they no longer limit you, so you act out of true self belief. Click here for more. Which leads to…

3. Trust your gut

Your gut instinct is the sum of everything you see, hear and feel about what’s happening. Your unconscious mind is calculating far more information than you can know consciously. So trusting your gut to guide your decisions is not only more accurate than lots of hard thinking, it also massively simplifies things. Remember, use the force! Click here for more. Which leads me on to…

4. Be present

To have a clear instinct that is not clouded by emotions, you need to come back into NOW. If you dwell on past events that didn’t go so well, you will end up recreating them. If you jump ahead and think about what might or might not happen, fear and pressure can kick in. In now, there is no fear, no doubt, just awareness.

5. Make learning a top priority

If you judge success purely on your outcomes, you give your power to things that are outside of your direct control. By doing so you create space for nerves, pressure, disappointment and frustration. Rather than judge success on a given day by the outcomes, judge it by how valuable it has been for creating tomorrow. This will help you stick to the process of what you’re doing and let the outcome take care of itself. Click here for more. Which leads to…the second five!

Golfer walking away
Top Tip: Choose locations carefully!

6. Consider the possible

If you never try anything different, never expect to get anything different. It’s easy to say “I can’t do this” but it’s often simply because we’ve never done it before. Asking yourself “What if I could do this?” opens up your potential to stretch your boundaries and learn more.

7. Choose your habits

Why do top performers have their own rituals and routines that they always follow? Our minds are amazingly active and without focus, our energy tends to get dispersed. Imagine 100 watt light bulb… With its energy dispersed throughout a whole room it can provide a reasonable brightness. But when you take the same 100 watts and line them up in the same direction, you get a 100 watt laser that’s powerful enough to cut through inch thick sheet steel. Great golf and great lives are not destinations – they are created in every moment of every day. Choose your habits before they choose you!

8. Own it

The more we take responsibility for our experience, the more power we give ourselves to change it. This is the power of resolve. If you think that your life or your golf is a certain way because of someone or something else, think again. I recently played with a touring pro who blamed his coach for “ruining” his swing. Funny how his swing looked great to me, but because he had given away all ownership of his game, his game fell apart. Same for people I coach who are stuck in a job they hate because “they have to, to pay the mortgage”. Why not resolve to find a job you love and never work another day in your life?

9. Commitment is everything

The day I got married, I committed to my wife to be with her for ever. To me, this commitment means that whatever happens, we are going to make our relationship work. Funny thing is, the commitment itself helps the relationship work as we talk things through more. Same for golf – commit to a shot 100% and your body will help make it work for you.

10. Love every moment

Life and golf are truly fabulous games to played, how lucky we really are! There have been times when I have felt that “If only I had this BMW, then I’d be happy” or “If only the putt would drop, then I’d be happy!”. But what was I doing? Not living in now that’s for sure. So when I got the BMW and made the putt, was I any happier or better at life or golf? No. In fact I’d only put pressure on myself and made getting those things harder. The true secret behind golf and life is to love every single moment of it. The more you love your game, (yes, life and golf!), the better you will allow yourself to play and the more it will love you back!

I hope you find these mental golf tips / life tips useful! I’d love to hear your experiences of where you apply them (or not!). Please write in with questions to develop your own golf psychology / life psychology – I’m more than happy to give you ideas. Also, I’m giving away audio mental golf tips through a series of six free tipcasts to help you through the toughest parts of the game.

Love every moment! Adam Sprackling NLP Trainer & Mental Golf Coach

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