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NLP Health Coaching

How you can have the health you deserve without the pain


You may be healthy and fit already. Most of us have something that we could improve upon. Perhaps, for you, it’s your weight. You may smoke and want to stop, but don’t know how, or you may have an illness that won’t go away. You could have an allergy, perhaps asthma or hay fever or any illness that the medical professions have not been able to treat effectively.

You may want to get rid of your problem, most people do, but you may have not found a solution that works for you. If you are like the majority of the population, knowing what to do and finding out answers is your main concern. There always seems to be conflict about what is right and wrong concerning antibiotics and pharmaceutical drugs in relation to your health and fitness. Finding the solution and balance can be very difficult.

Maybe you can relate to this: your body knows whether something is right or wrong through your nervous system. This system is made up of over 14 billion nerve cells throughout your mind and body, each one of these nerve cells communicates with the other through special connections called synapses.


There are approximately 1,000 of these synaptic ‘wires’ connecting each one of your nerve

cells in your body and 100,000 of them connecting each nerve cell in your brain and spinal cord. The body and the brain cells communicate with each other through these ‘wires’ using small electrical impulses; these nerve cells also communicate with each other using special chemicals, called Neuro-transmitters.

You may say “so what?” but read on; in order to communicate, each one of your nerve cells sends an electrical impulse down its ‘wire’, this then hits a synaptic gap. At this point chemicals are released which communicate to other nerve cells next to it.

However, and this is the amazing bit, those Neuro transmitter chemicals leak out from this gap and roam free around all the other cells in your body. The proof of this is these chemicals have been found throughout the whole body, not just in your brain or nervous system but literally everywhere in your body!

Your unconscious (or sub-conscious) mind knows if you are thinking ‘I feel bad’ or ‘I feel well’. So if you are thinking ‘I feel bad’ or ‘I feel well’, your unconscious mind knows about it, and so does your body, even the cells in your big toe!

This means that whenever you have a thought about your self, you truly affect your whole body.

Your thoughts affect your state of well being, whatever you are thinking. Every single cell in your body is aware of the process and is calculating your wellness and long-term health on your state of your mind/thinking.


Exciting news about the mind/body connection
This is very exciting news because it proves categorically that there is a mind/body connection and since NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) recognizes the nervous system, (Neuro) as the communication system for the body, we have a direct link to helping you to ‘talk’ to your body, beginning an holistic healing approach.

The language that we use through NLP is very precise and has been adapted from past and present masters of communication and linguistics (hence Linguistic).

The ‘Programming’ part of NLP deals with the ‘patterns’ that run your body. If you have a health problem, these patterns are working in an inefficient way. Finding safe and reliable ways to alter those patterns (or programmes), gives you a new way to deal with your body, a really deep method to change things, inside. During an NLP World Health Coaching Programme you learn how to communicate with your body using excellent techniques so you can affect the changes you want and have the health you desire.

Understanding how your body works with your unconscious mind is the key to great health. Your unconscious mind is amazing, it is responsible for overseeing the job of pumping blood around your body, regulating the beats of your heart, controlling how your muscles work together, maintaining the energy in your body and most importantly it is the part of you that makes sure you heal if you are not well.

But what is your unconscious mind? Well, it is everything you are not aware of right now. That’s right, everything you are not aware of right now is your unconscious mind. Not only does that include anything you are not thinking about, it also includes all your cells, bones, organs, skin, memories, sleep time, metabolism, in fact everything, and your unconscious mind is responsible for maintaining all of that!


Why do people get sick?

If that is the case then why do people get sick? The answer lies in how your conscious and unconscious minds work together. Since your unconscious mind is eaves dropping on everything you say and do, it can get confusing information, especially if you give it conflicting advice, such as looking in the mirror and saying ‘I feel bloody awful’, then pretending that everything is OK when it is not. You carry on working only to find yourself heading for an early grave because of the stress and suppressed symptoms that could have been resolved a lot earlier by listening to what your body is really telling you.

A healthy body is easy to maintain but your unconscious mind has problems when one thing builds on top of the other. It could start simply with an argument with someone that causes you to feel stressed; Then what you might say to yourself could be ‘it shouldn’t be this way’.

This opposing view of reality creates a conflict where your immune system then feels under pressure, so you could get a cold, which may results in flu. You get another infection because you still are not dealing with the root cause, the conflict.

If that happens the results can be disastrous. People have ended up in hospital just through this cycle. We all know this because ‘stress’ accounts for billions of lost revenue in business every year but it is simply a conflict between your unconscious and conscious minds.

Changing your way you communicate with your self.

On an NLP World Health Coaching session you are taught how to communicate with your unconscious mind. You also get to clear out any conflicts, emotions and anything else that could be causing you stress, including old restricting beliefs you may have about yourself. Then you further communicate with your unconscious mind in a special way so that it remembers again to do its job and heal you quickly and effectively.

Free one-hour session so you can decide

Please just don’t take our word for it, we want you to have the health you want, it is our NLP World commitment to you, so much so that we know how important your health is to you. We offer you the opportunity of a FREE consultancy session with one of our NLP World Health Coaches so you can make the decision whether they are the right person for you to get the result you want.

This session will allow you to ask the questions you want, and to do some exercises with your NLP World Health Coach. They will go through the programme with you, cover guarantees, also explain how long it will take, (this is hours not months) and get your commitment to the programme so you can judge if you want to achieve the health you choose. We also reserve the right to work with you. We won’t work with you unless we see we can get the result asked for.

This is what you get on the your (paid for) NLP World Health coaching session

A vision setting out what you want in your health

A detailed personal history which establishes the root cause of the problem

A comprehensive clearing of all the major negative emotions and any others that are stopping you from being totally well

Clearing out any restricting beliefs that stop you from having the health you desire

Concentrated focus on your health using metaphors of the body so you can gracefully understand how to get into the state of talking with your body

Finding out what is important to you in your health and realigning your mind and body to those values

Learn techniques that enable you to directly communicate with your unconscious mind so you can continue to work on yourself, even after the session.

How long does it take?

A normal NLP world health coaching programmes takes two days depending on the nature of the issue.

Some issues take a lot less time to clear some take even more and there is no rule of thumb but we ask you to take two days to focus on your wellness.

Please don’t take our word for it

A few comments from clients that have worked with us on NLP World health coaching programmes:

“You are very skilful; I have been heartily recommending you and will continue to do so. Keep up the excellent work, the world needs people like you.”
Christine Wilson – Former trainer- Maidenhead, after her daughter, Megan aged 6 became free of Asthma after just one session.

“I had psoriasis for seven years and was told there was nothing the experts could do for me. They just gave me the steroid cream and shrugged. The work with NLP World has been the biggest contribution to my life. As my skin has started to heal, for the first time I feel in control.”
Katie Rosengarten, Ilford, Essex.

Let me make you a promise and take away any risk to you

During the NLP World Health Coaching programme we will talk with you about your problem and how it is affecting your health and happiness. We will then agree the amount of time it will take to achieve your aim. We are committed to working with you until you achieve what you set out to do.

Any extra meetings come at no extra cost to you after the initial fee has been agreed.

Your investment is relative to your circumstances and is negotiated between you and the NLP World Health Coach. This fee is relative to your earnings and the coach’s costs. Also we ask you to fully consider how long you have had the problem and what is it going to cost you in the future if you do not resolve it.

Because we know your health is the most important thing to you, we work alongside your GP or other health practitioners to maximize your success.

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