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What does NLP & Hypnosis accreditation mean?

I’m often asked “What does NLP & Hypnosis accreditation mean?”

It is a very good question! Legally, and luckily there are no governmental controls on NLP & Hypnosis in the UK. Therefore, the only recognised accreditation comes from bodies inside our own fraternity.

How’s that a good thing?

It can be a good thing as it means that we are self regulated and can be flexible with our approaches. Remember the law of requisite variety? The more flexible you are with your approach, the more you can control any situation.

The downside is that unscrupulous organisations can prosper by just giving out certifications without much adherence to criteria, ethics or codes of practise. That will, in time, erode any group integrity and cause the demise of what we now enjoy as good, well thought of, practise.

Who does regulate independently?

The people I have chosen to partner up with are ANLP (Association of NLP – UK) and AIP (Association of Integrative Psychologists – US). They are completely independent of my organisation and have a code of ethics and conduct that I have to adhere to or there are consequences.

As a Practitioner of NLP or Hypnosis (or potential), that should make you feel assured that you will get a sound training, as you know you have an organisation that wishes to be part of a whole community which chooses integrity and best practise at the heart of its body.

ANLP-LogoTo apply to be an ANLP Accredited and Recognised Trainer, applicants must submit their training manual, core syllabus and promotional materials. Applicants will be required to produce at least five testimonials from students trained at least 6 months previously. Depending on the completeness of this information, the Board may request a site visit to gather further information.

When an application is successful, the Trainer becomes an ANLP Fully Accredited or Recognised Trainer (highlighted in yellow on the search facilities)

To attend an approved ANLP NLP training course then visit our ANLP NLP Training Page by clicking here

Now the AIP (NLP,  Time empowerment and Hypnosis)

What is the Association for Integrative Psychology?

AIP LogoThe purpose of the Association for Integrative Psychology (AIP), Inc. is to promote awareness and acceptance of complementary, alternative, and integrative approaches to human behavior as viable ways to facilitate change. It was founded in 2005 by Matthew B. James, MA, PhD.

AIP’s Organizational Objectives
A) Provide an affiliation organization for practitioners of a variety of integrative approaches to human behavior, as well as affiliates from the general public who have an interest in Integrative Psychology.
B) Promote cooperation, communication, and coordination between professionals using varying approaches to facilitating change.
C) Provide a journal, forums, conferences, and other mechanisms for the exchange of information and ideas among professionals working in the fields represented by Integrative Psychology.
D) Promote research and knowledge about the mind/body connection and methods of changing human behavior.
E) Set standards for levels of certification for Integrative Psychology professionals.
F) Provide certification for professionals who have received training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, and other fields determined by the organization as falling within the scope of Integrative Psychology.
G) Approve training programs and their curriculum as meeting standards for certification.
H) Maintain and publish a directory of affiliates.

Click here to view AIP standards

CPD LogoAt NLP world, we also issue you with CDP points for attending. Terry Elston is a registered CDP presenter, so any classes he is running you can get your continuing development points from.

Click here to view the accreditation standards of AIP, ANLP, CDP, ABNLP, INLPTA.

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