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NLP, Language & Mind Body Connection

Clipart of brain with icons defining areas

The mind-body link from NLP concerns neurotransmitters. Deepak Chopra was mainly responsible for outlining that brain neurotransmitters used to be regarded as belonging ONLY to the brain and no-where else. He showed that they bathe every cell in the body (therefore every cell/organ/bone in your body is listening to every thought). Einstein (E = Mc2) shows that energy has a direct relationship with matter; energy is latent matter and obviously effects matter. Conversely, matter is condensed energy, (hence the term it ‘matters’ or doesn’t matter).

Mind & Body in Sports

England in many different sports have earned a backbone they never used to have. They would always collapse at the hint of any victory. This was never to do with the technical abilities of each player; more towards the way they collectively held the outcome internally. In NLP we are hot on whether someone sets goals by looking at what they don’t want rather than looking at what they DO want. Negative goal setting can induce the thing you want to avoid. Seems this started to happen with the Aussies recently.

It’s Just Not Cricket

mind and body in sports

Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke (Australian cricketers) needed a rest. England have learned to enjoy the game more (Alan Vaughan brought this in as Captain a while ago). Clark and Ponting don’t seem to remember how to enjoy it? Even though the Aussies are having a brief spell of success, the England cricket team started to flow throughout the ashes and twenty twenty tournament without bounds of constraint of failure as their primary focus.  With a clear focus, you can get the brain and body to work much better together. And in regard to sports or any business, time spent at the top of the tree can make the foundations a little more in the shade than they would be if you are working your way upwards! Therefore change normally comes from the bottom rather than from a more comfortable place up there!

Quantum thinking in sports

With regards to quantum science, electrons are ‘seen’ by knowing where they WERE. In other words they pop in and out of existence depending on where and how you measure for them. This lead to Nils Bohr concluding that our experiments have a bearing on the result. You could also say “our perceptions of any reality will have a bearing on the outcome”. Where this gets misunderstood in the quantum field is by judging material objects as possible to change via perceptions too. If this is really misunderstood, it gets translated to that we are all Gods who can look at the sky and change the weather!

mind in sports

The thing about electrons is that they have not been formed into anything as yet. They are all simply possibilities and therefore have not traversed the boundary of physical reality. In reality when matter has been formed, it conforms to Newtonian physics, yet before then, in the world of electrons it’s in a quantum state, a state of possibility. Therefore, in this state you and I have a bearing on the outcome. As soon as a physical entity has been formed it is NOT in the world of possibility any more and will conform to Newtonian physics. Yes, the form can be manipulated or changed, yet bound by physics as we know them.

Religion and electrons

Relating electrons to religion, Isis, or any ‘mother’ of the universe would represent abundance, plenitude and creativity infinitely. A little bit like brain stem cells which can be anything when desired or needed. The other piece of this jigsaw that’s usually missing from ‘The Secret’ etc. is that the manifestations are always in accordance with the persons being and purpose in life, which is normally pretty well hidden from most people. So you can’t ‘create’ unless it’s to do with your life’s mission.

That’s why I say there are no mistakes and everything is in accordance with who you are being (yes even dealing with plots of land). It’s all part of a developing progression for each and everyone of us and we get reflections all the way. Therefore, true humility is bowing down to a greater purpose… but don’t bend too low, because it’s the purpose you agreed to while you were a twinkling possibility in Gods eye (and part of God too – no separation).

‘Mind over matter’ can only occur when mind UNIfies with matter and can dance!

Arthur and the Stone

The story of Arthur and the Stone (read Author and Father as the same word too), is also be a story of mater and energy, the sword representing energy. When things are stuck, we have to have the right integrity to release trapped energy (free of old ideas, habits etc.) Hence the sword (S-word) representing trapped energy coming free for the matter it is bound in. The analogy of a humans challenge to free themselves from the jungle of material existence. Our existence is bound up in language. Words. Without this parcel of linguistics we would be free, yet perhaps free as a child and not an adult. Our challenge is to work our way through the forest of our own complex nervous systems to find freedom at the other side. That’s one reason that trees will be prominent in most myths. The trees will represent the nervous system. If not trees then other similar challenges. In the bible story, Moses had to go into the ‘desert’ for a while to work things out. Many fables have forests to work through to get freedom or ‘escape’.

That’s why in NLP, we work with raising the consciousness around how and when we use language. Our language is NOT describing the world, it’s creating our worlds. Relating back to the electrons of Nils Bohr, ideas and language live in the world of electrons, or possibilities; therefore these are things we can change. Our world (see words with an ‘L’), is as good as we can consciously create it. Every human being has a chance to interface with their own challenge within their own nervous system. Therefore, freedom is not having enough money to buy our own desert island, yet to break free of any internal idea that has been imposed from the outside OR the inside.

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