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How do I earn money as an NLP Coach?

The question “how do I earn money as an NLP Coach” is answered in these words: You will earn as much as you allow yourself to earn!

That may seem like a flippant answer, yet it is as true as a question of how far an athlete can get in their sport. Most athletes agree that talent is obviously needed to get to the top of any genre; yet once the talent is there, the mental aspect of each person then comes into play.

So do you have the talent as an NLP Practitioner? The answer should be a YES! If not, maybe you need to re-take the course to see what you missed? Because it is all there for sure.

earn money as an nlp coach

From my own story and humble beginnings, I spent far more money than I had in my bank account getting my trainers training. I went across to the USA (as that’s where the best courses were), way back in 1999. After that extravaganza, it took a few years to claw back the £7000 it had cost me to go over and come back with a certificate to train NLP. Yet I was armed with passion – and a passion to learn more as I went along. The trainings were quite sparse with four people on my first course, co-trained with Richard Flook. The participants certainly got their money’s worth with one trainer per two people!

When I trained the aspects of NLP, I also learnt more and more about how things work – The Law of Attraction, The Quantum FieldEsoteric Principles of Life. I found that NLP fits nicely with many religions and most of the Esoteric ‘Laws’ I was learning as well. NLP seemed to be the ‘windows’ of a huge ‘dos system’ (those of you of an age to remember that windows had a relationship to something underneath it initially).

One of these aspects I learned was that we each have an internal value on ourselves, what we are worth and how confident we are to charge that amount. If your internal value does not match with what you are charging, you will either not be earning enough to make you satisfied or will not get business, because the outside world will feel you are not asking too much.

So I got to work on my internal value, clearing out any weeds or rocks that may have been stopping the ground be as fertile as it can. I also invested in that inner game, spending time and money making the right choices of where to learn and where to clear out the cupboards. Eventually, my value has come to a level where I enjoy charging large figures and getting the outside world to agree.


I am still learning and some of my colleagues, friends and people who I have trained earn much more than me financially. And there is the other aspect. Because I do like plenty of time off too!

So you have to decide – how much are you worth? How much do you want? What do you need to clear out to be able to have that become true inside – and what are you willing to give up to get that?

it can look like a chicken and egg scenario: On the one hand you already paid to be a Practitioner of some sort. Yet when I put on extra courses, so people can continue their development and clean out the cupboards plus learn more – the ones who say it’s too expensive (I charge low prices for my follow up courses) are usually the ones who are not investing in themselves and therefore are going to be limited to the ceiling of their internal worlds (for now).

My advise (I don’t give advice, so you can listen in any way you choose), is to look carefully at what kind of landscaped garden you desire – plan for that garden with all the expenses that need to be made: Then commit to that future with unbending intent (another powerful abstract tool).

Einstein quote - imagination

A long term plan is what will eventually match your imagination with the material world. And here, alongside is what Albert had to say abut imagination: The words being even more relevant and powerful bearing in mind what he knew about the meaning of life, physics, getting famous, successful and philosophy.

How do I earn money as an NLP Coach? Written by Terry Elston

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