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NLP Leadership Skills in Itunes

NLP Leadership Skills in Itunes


Successful managers will recognise their qualities in this definition. To win over someone you must make an emotional connection. To make an emotional connection you must be able to put yourself in their position; see their point of view. Do you know what it feels like to be an employee in this company?

So to be a good leader you need to engage your staff, not just poke them into holes with lists of things to do.

How do you engage staff?

Here are some of the topics we will cover on this recording:


  • Engagement versus manipulation with carrots and sticks
  • The power of communicating – with confidence
  • Perceptual Positions – Thinking outside the box
  • Metaphors – The access keys into the inner game of another’s world
  • Coaching via questions – achieve self-motivation from your staff, rather than micro-managing

There’s a tendency among leaders, when things are tough, to look to their top-performers to get things done. But it seems that the greatest scope for productivity growth is in the middle ranks.

When I have gone into organisations, the top performers can be left alone because they will succeed anyhow. It’s the middle to low performers that need care and attention – plus some one-to-one coaching.

Therefore, as a leader, you need to be able to inspire the whole workforce, not just the top tier. Terry Elston will give you his experience and techniques on how to lead others easily and effortlessly – gleaned from over 18 years in the business.

Terry shows you the power of using metaphor, either for business or for any of your clients. Metaphor is the most succinct way to get messages into their deeper mind.

terry elston and eva minkov shaking handsTerry will also show you a technique that is used in international conflict resolution to gain rapport with the most difficult of audiences. There is a section on the power of questions when it comes to powerfully communicating: Which is almost a paradox – where you thought it was always about how smart you can sound yourself, as a leader.

Terry has been working within the corporate sector using NLP for many years. Governments, Schools, The Police Force and 21 blue chip companies have been using Terry and his NLP trainers for powerful communicating and leadership developments.

“Terry has been extremely influential within the management set up. His use of NLP within the management team has given a direction and empowerment that adds incredible leverage to getting people motivated in their teams” Shannon t Roller – Area Manager, Mundipharma, Cape Town

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