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NLP Master Practitioner Case Study 1 – continued

This is the continued session performed by Marion Mitchell started last week. To see the first part of the article click here:

Session 4
We explored in more detail the importance of body language – mirroring and matching.
Whole body matching
Body part matching
Half body matching
Head/shoulders angle patterns
Vocal (analog) qualities
Facial expressions
Repetitive phrasing
We worked through several examples. I suggested that if possible he ‘studied’ the Board members to find out what body language they used ie if he was able to look at them during other people’s presentations or when they were in the staff restaurant or even ask their PAs what they were like.
And even to incorporate some of the language they use.

Session 5
Mental Rehearsal
This is a powerful tool as during mental rehearsal you actually use the neural pathways that are involved in the real skill – as far as the subconscious is concerned this is happening for real.
I worked through some guidelines with the client:
– client to set a positive outcome/goal using all the senses – see what you see, hear what you hear

-focus on the process not the result – go through complete event minute by minute

– be specific – imagine as much detail as possible – where you are, what you are wearing, where you are standing and your movements throughout the event

– make it perfect – see, hear and feel perfection. Imagine everything as you want it to be

– use all of your senses – VAKOG

– relax when mentally rehearsing – relaxation enhances the effect of mental rehearsal

– practise – the more you use mental rehearsal, the better it will be

Session 6
Rapport and the ‘NOW’ state and other ‘states’.

[vimeo id=”75115850″ responsive=”true”]

I explained to the client the importance of building rapport with the audience which can be accessed via the NOW state.
Being in the NOW state also allows the presenter to have more sensory acuity and to pick up on the energy of the group.
I explained that when giving a presentation, it is important to make sure that the client is in the most useful state at any stage of the event – this includes using anchors, mental rehearsal and relaxation techniques such as breathing.
It is also important to consider what ‘state’ the presenter wants the audience to be in – curious, excited etc.
Following this, I asked the client to repeat the process of carrying out a [maximum] five minute presentation using everything that he had learned and practised – intro (truisms); anchors/circle of excellence; mental rehearsal; states; body language. We reviewed this together and the client commented that he felt ‘more in control’; ‘powerful’ and had actually enjoyed preparing the presentation using the various tools. He felt he was actually looking forward to presenting to the Board whereas before he was in a state of trepidation and felt nervous about it.

I was very pleased with how the sessions went. It was exciting to see the client change position from feeling nervous about presenting to actually looking forward to it.
The sessions were very much focussed on achieving the outcome of presenting powerfully however as the client grew in confidence and was able to use the NLP toolkit more confidently and to feel more comfortable accessing the tools, I suggested that these actions could also be used on a more personal level particularly body matching/mirroring, VAKOG and anchoring. The client confirmed this was a wonderful idea.

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Wesley Kew
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