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Online Master NLP Practitioner Training

We’ve just introduced our Online Master NLP Practitioner Training. It’s quite unique in as much as over 90% of this Online NLP Master Practitioner Course is live, professionally filmed footage. We used the film company AVT to film and edit the journey.

The other 10% of your Online Master NLP Practitioner Training are amazing quality PowerPoint displays, developed by Amy Humpries. I’ve dropped in examples of the live footage and the Powerpoints underneath here. The training itself was quite unbelievable and that comes through with the footage we’ve selected for your learning experience.

I’d suggest you visit the Online NLP Masters landing page itself, as the full details are all there.

The whole curriculum of NLP Master Practitioner material is there, including Time Based Techniques and Clinical Hypnosis. I believe this is one of the only Online Clinical Hypnosis courses that have live video instruction and demonstrations you can find. This is not a set-up environment either. They are real delegates with real challenges. The Online Clinical Hypnosis section is worth the Online NLP Master Practitioner Course fee in itself!

Online Master NLP Practitioner Training Examples

Here are some examples of what you are getting into.

Introduction to Allergies section:

introduction to Quantum Linguistics

Example of PowerPoint displays

There are six modules in total on your Online NLP Master Practitioner Course. These are

Module 1 – Advanced Submodality Interventions

Submodalities Online Includes:

    • Masters Intro Submodalities
    • Using sound to transform issues
    • Foreground & Background Visual Intervention
    • Finding Drivers in Submodalities
    • Overview Allergy Removal
    • Crustacean Allergy Removal
    • Dog Hair Allergy Removal
    • Hayfever Allergy Removal
    • Overview Phobia Removal
    • Spider Phobia short and long version
  • Shark Phobia Removal

Module 2 – Advanced use of Language

The Quantum Linguistics section includes:

    • The Quantum field explained
    • How perceptions are formed
    • Existence, Awareness, Possibility
    • It’s good not to know!
    • Challenging Time & Space
    • Decision destroyer
    • Cartesian Co-ordinates
    • The ‘Not’ Patterns
    • De-identify pattern
  • Quantum Meditation Ending

Module 3 – Advanced Coaching Skills

The Coaching and Values section includes:

    • The Whole Basis of Coaching Skills
    • Working with personal and corporate Values
    • Wheel of Life
    • The Principles for success
    • Cartesian Coordinates Questions
    • Keys to achievable outcomes
    • A Supplementary Training Video
    • A Goal Setting Exercise
  • Setting Ordeals and Tasks – Clients

Module 4 – Time Based Techniques – Advanced work with memories

The Time Based Techniques section includes:

    • Time Based Techniques Introduction
    • Time Based Techniques Client Set Up
    • Time Based Techniques Scripts
    • Time Based Techniques – Perceptual Positions
    • Time Based Techniques – A Live Demonstration
    • Some feedback from audience
    • The Emotional Drop Through
    • A Regression Technique
  • Relaxing Meditation

Module 5 – Clinical Hypnotherapy

The Online Clinical Hypnotherapy section includes:

    • Now State for Hypnosis
    • Introduction of elements to Rapport in Hypnosis
    • Claiming an unconscious mind
    • Brain Wave Lengths and Induction
    • Deep patterns of Induction
    • Using deep and shallow Metaphor
    • Be in control of being out of control!
    • Smoking full cessation
    • Pain Control
    • Pain control version two
    • Weight Loss session
    • Shark Phobia Removal
    • Masters Intro Submodalities
    • Using Pendulum for weight loss
    • Using Pendulum for Healing
  • Ordeals and Tasks for clients

Module 6 – Presentation Skills

The Online Presentation Skills section includes:

    • The Now State for Presenting
    • Presenting With Energy!
    • Energy Exercise
    • Four Mat System
    • Be a Bullet Proof Presenter
  • The End Product – demonstration of a presenter

As you can see, there are a lot of videos you can use for your ultimate Online Master NLP Practitioner Training experience. The video sequence runs in a pattern so you can experience how the course starts, the thinking behind each segment, the exercises that go with the segments – and feedback from the audience.

On most other trainings, you will not sufficiently hear questions or feedback from the audience. On this Online Master NLP Training, you will hear the audience, their questions and laughter!

One other aspect of the Online NLP Master Training is that you can challenge your own knowledge all the way through. We have developed the system so after each vi

NLP Master Diploma | Online Master NLP Practitioner Training

deo or segment, you can answer questions to embed your knowledge and awareness of what’s happening inside the training. If you require an NLP Master Practitioner Diploma, you will have trainers from NLP World assisting you with feedback and grading all the way through the course.

When you get your successful grade, you can achieve the Diploma NLP Master Practitioner and print that off from the PDF we send along. See picture:

The questions you’ll be answering are all explained during the videos. There is a manual as well for your education and enlightenment on Masters NLP as well.

Here is an example of the videos and questions appear:Online NLP Master Practitioner Training Course Screenshot

Click on the link to go through to see more about your Online NLP Master Practitioner Course

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