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NLP Presentation skills

NLP presentation skills are more about how to communicate with your body and tone of voice rather than having slick language techniques.

Terry Elston

When it comes to the structure and sequence, you will need some way of keeping your audience brain alive and motivated for as long as a few hours sometimes. When we run our seven day or fourteen day courses, we have techniques where we keep minds alive and kicking for over 70 hours! One of the tricks of keeping minds interested is the 4-mat system, which will make sure your training appeals to all the different types of brains in the room. Then we show you how to use open loop metaphors to use instructions in the disguise of story (but also have cliff-hangers that keep brains interested until completion of story).

We show you the Satir categories that use your body to give your audience all the information it needs (without words), and how to “Anchor” states of the audience to your body and use them in a Pavlovian way (from anchoring techniques, Ivan Pavlov 1903). It is indeed one of the more rewarding experiences in life to stand up in front of an appreciative audience & wow them. And the skills required to find your own voice & style with your audiences can definitely be learned by anyone. And yet, while many people see public speaking as something they want to enjoy doing, it continues to rank amongst the most often-expressed fears people have.

If this describes you, we’d like to show you how you can get past those fears with zero pain, and maximum fun. Getting from Scared — to Ready and Excited — can be amazingly easy. Even if you’re not one of the many people who aren’t comfortable in front of any audience, there are a variety of well-known methods for public speaking that use outdated and inefficient training methods, that despite their great intentions, take far too much time to master. This is not a scare you dare you course, just a pure public speaking skills training — using state-of-the-art accelerated learning processes. Here’s a quote I got in August 2008 from Robin Johnson, Managing Director of Ovation XL a coaching company.

It must be four or five years since I completed my Master Prac’. Do you remember how I literally froze when I had to speak in front of a tiny group of four ‘friends’ on the course? Embarrassing to think of it now though tears were pouring down my face. Everyone was puzzled. It seemed illogical that someone like me should be phased like that. It took me right back to school days where I was almost consistently bottom of the bottom set in almost every academic subject. Not a good place to be considering my Dad was the No.2 scientist in the UK and I was following in the footsteps of three ultra well known academic ancestors – Charles Darwin, Sir Francis Galton (the father of statistics and discoverer of fingerprinting) and Josiah Wedgwood (the potter). Stakes were high.

On Friday I had to train two groups on different subjects one straight after the other. My first shot at training since the course. Talk about a baptism by fire – a whole day’s intensive group training with senior people I’d not met before. The subjects were two I now know inside out – management and leadership and time management. Whilst there’s still a way to go I managed to maintain my confidence from start to finish. Better still the most senior partner present said it was unlike any other course he’d attending and gave it 10/10. I’ve had six emails from delegates this morning saying ‘thank you’.

Robin Johnson, Managing Director Ovation XL
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