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NLP Coaching

NLP coaching can have many different meanings, depending on whom you were to talk to. In this article, we intend to give you some insights on what we see a coach as, and how you can set yourself up as a an NLP coach and be successful in this amazing world of personal development and growth.

More about NLP Coaching

I will give away at least one secret here for you to use with NLP coaching and see the results.

Try this out as an experiment:

Life works via vacuums for allowing ‘things’ to manifest. Most peoples lives are so full up with their normal ‘things’ that their isn’t any room for anything else. Life could not stuff something in there, even if you hired a celestial taxidermist!

The first part of creation is to create space, to literally clean out the cupboards and allow something else in. If you think of life as a garden, and the garden is already full up of rocks and rubbish, then there’s no room for seeds, let alone flowers.

Think of your external life as cupboards ready to be cleaned but also your internal life as cupboards as well. The internal system is known as your nervous system and is as important as your outside physical life. Deepak Chopra once commented that if you could see your nervous system as a pool and if that pool was still and you threw a pebble in, you would see the ripples of that pebble all the way across the pool. If, however, that pool was choppy and rough, you could throw a whole house in and it wouldn’t notice!

So the first part is to complete on all the outstanding things in your life, (have a goal in mind of what will occur or what may come into your life when this is happening or has happened).

Complete all the physical things (yes including that paperwork you may have been putting off) and then the internal world as well. For the internal world, You can start to do something like meditation or yoga or listen to music (whatever makes you calm inside) and wait to see what happens.

You will start to find that coincidences start to occur around you about the goal you have in mind: You may have to be very aware and tune in to see them, yet the synchronicities are beginning to get more apparent around what you want (they may also get more intensely bad with drama if there’s a lot to clean out).

If you get lots of drama still or the external/internal world does not calm down, that may indicate you need more deep work with some kind of practitioner to get the deep down patterns, but at least you will have some indicator of what was always in the way of you getting what you wanted.

Of course this is where your NLP, Time Based Techniques™, and Hypnosis training comes in handy, because it’s at this time your client really needs someone who is trained to clear out emotions, limiting decisions, phobias and anything else that may pop up at this time..and you are trained in these!

So there’s just one human element of coaching, clearing out cupboards. That’s not rocket science, yet it really is rocket fuel to someones life to be able to clear out their gardens and allow growth to occur.

But what is a coach and who can call themselves one?

I was asked recently to become part of a large coaching organisation and be hired out as an executive performance coach. I have experience in this field as I have coached directors of blue chip companies and also as high up as the Cabinet Office in Whitehall. So, coupled with the fact that I really respect the owner of the company, Robin Johnson of OvationXL, and that I love doing business, I was glad to be part of another team as well as heading my own!

When it came to listing my skills, I was hesitant to comply with some of the terms, because I hadn’t had formal training, but when I spoke to Robin Johnson (who I trained to his NLP Master Practitioner level), he assured me that most of the terms listed were included through what we had already provided, in one way or another, on our NLP trainings!

So what this comes down to, when you are considering coaching, is what is your mind set as you go further into this field? What is your intended outcome and do you have the tools to get your outcomes, because that’s what it’s all about.

When we train you (and yes I do recommend up to Master Practitioner level), we give you the means to manifest what you want in life and show you the natural ABC of how mastering creation works. That may sound a bit heady, but I assure you that all the people who trained with us and are still around are getting exactly what they want in life, and even more than they bargained for!

This does not always equal money and possessions; most people are very happy when relationships go well and they begin to have their dreams fulfilled. Even if the relationship does not happen overnight, they will be satisfied that they have learned the processes of life to the extent that they can predict why someone isn’t in their life or when someone will be.

Knowing the secrets of how to produce consistent success has eluded many over thousands of years. Being a coach, you are expected to produce success, so you had better have had some in depth training to convince yourself!

On our Practitioner and Master Practitioner programs, we give you many ways of working with clients in various different scenarios. We are giving you language skills, for negotiation and mediation. We are giving you mentoring skills, so you can assist and guide others though projects and processes. We train you in personality profiling and you can take this to any organisation as a stand alone product of excellence. We show you how to elicit values in another, so you can then see what motivates them and how to clean up the values system if its corrupted or has negative associations and memories.

We will also give you one of the most in-depth trainings on how to work with memories. Memories are about the most important part of any change work you will undertake as a coach. So why would you trot out there without using a company that doesn’t show you how to do that?

Your memories should assist your mind via positive associations; if not, those memories are actually interfering with the natural flow of energy in your system. On your training, not only will you be shown the most amazing and consistent ways of working with memory, but you will have the chance to experience this yourself and have your own system be as clean as you’d like it!

So this is a brief overview of what you may start to expect from an NLP training with NLP World. Remember, the coaching world is unregulated; in other words there are no bodies of authority officially. There’s no unique standard of a coach, it’s all made up!

With your NLP training, you will have a standard that can be measured. You will have skills that have been approved over the last 30 years and have been scrutinized by the media under spotlight. You will have seen the likes of Paul Mckenna, Derren Brown and Anthony Robbins doing their stuff. They were not trained as coaches, they were all NLP trained!

I started with a personal vision, a vision that has grown and become more real as time goes on: And you should expect the same of yourselves. But I also invested heavily in myself (thanks to visa and other plastic remedies), to get to a place where life is as good as my imagination (which can also improve).

If you want to be successful as a coach, then start by doing what you want your clients to do…invest!!

Investing in yourself and your own training is the most rewarding ways to improve your life and then reap the rewards of your harvest in future times. You just can’t lose with that kind of investment!!!

My NLP training has been one of the best choices of places to put my money that I ever made. Hopefully, I trust you will come to the same decision. Ask these people:

“The whole presupposition of fun and passionate belief in the material was outstanding and especially the intelligence in the delivery of the training, giving respect to the intelligence of the delegates…passion, love and respect”

Shana Dean – Legal P.A., New York

“I’ve attended a great many trainings in my role as CEO of a City Communications business and none have got close to the sequence of deep learnings I have experienced for the last week. A big thank you!”

Robin Johnson – Managing Director Ovation XL executive coaching company

“I have grown, changed and improved myself so much over the sum of just one week. It has been a true and remarkable experience. For your expertise, energy and love! Thank you so Much!!”

Nick Penny – Accountant

“I am not quite sure where to start with this communication, perhaps by saying thank you for providing me with so very much, you and the other members of your superb team…If it may be of any use to you in any way, please feel free to quote me, and any comment I have made with regard to you, and your invaluable training. I would be proud to be associated with the name Terry Elston and NLP World. I look forward to my next training with you.”

Mike Snape -International Police Organisation Leader

“Terry, thank you so much for a wonderful training session.
I am flying so high I don’t think I’ll need to use BA to get to Tampa this week!
Before, I knew that I could be a great NLP Practitioner but I didn’t know it, now I do.
Thanks again. See ya Viv”

Vivien Melanie, Brighton
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