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NLP Relationship Coaching

How can you maintain or create the relationship you want without the fear of the past getting in the way?

You want a relationship where you feel truly fulfilled, where your partner compliments and supports you in what ever you want to do, you want to be loved, cared for, held, hugged, shown, told that you are special. You want a fulfilling relationship in and out of the bedroom. Where the person or people you are with hold and respect the same values as you do.


The truth is that rarely happens; You sometimes get into relationships for different reasons than your partner. You may want to settle down, have a family and build a home or you may just want someone to share your successes with. Either way problems occur when you want to achieve something but your partner doesn’t. One person dominates over the other and the results are negative conflict, separation, isolation and emotional turmoil.

What makes you choose who you choose?

We have strategies for everything; Yes, even attraction and deep love! When another person sets off your attraction or deep love ‘trigger’, you’re hooked like a helpless fish that took the worm.

Of course it’s not all bad. You’ll have fun – and drama sometimes is better than nothing; yet how do you change a pattern, or strategy, to give you more control over the circumstances?

As personal coaches whose only interest is for yourself and your partner having the life you choose, we work on creating ways of assisting you in solving your fundamental relationship issues.

Not only that, we also believe that everybody can do this, so much so that we guarantee your results. Whether it is finding your dream person or creating the relationship that you and your partner want.

Learning what’s important to you about your relationship


Naturally your parents and past relationships have a huge influence on how you are going to behave. All of these influences determine what you want and what you don’t want from a relationship. The fundamental issues between a partner and yourself occurs when you put a very high value on something but the other person does not think it is that important. Whoever is the more dominant person tends to win but at what cost?

The secret is to find out what is important to you and your partner. We have specialist techniques for discovering the unconscious values that drive relationships

When each partner has a clear idea of the others values, supplying them with what they want can be a complete pleasure! The coaches also ‘clean up’ (see Time Based Techniquesâ„¢section) any issues from the past, which may be getting in the way of success.

Is it true that opposites attract or is it a myth?

During a relationship coaching session you both get to have a personality profiling session to discover how each one of your personalities differ (or are similar). It is true that opposites attract each other in relationships, yet the meaning for that is often obscure.

Carl Jung, the forefather of personality profiling, said that in relationships we seek out each other subconsciously and then project our innermost fears and unresolved ‘stuff’ onto each other…Yuk!!

We then take credit for our good side and then blame our bad side on our partners as if it was theirs. These opposites create hell in relationships unless they are exposed and understood.

Forgiveness then can take place once we understand what is happening and the partnership can start relishing in each others amazing diverse ways of achieving the same results and explore each other’s wonderful complexity of behaviour.

This is what our clients have said about their new outlook

” My first contact with NLP coaching work resulted in helping me clear the biggest bit of baggage out of my life. Two months later I fell in love… probably for the first time!”
T.E. London Black Cab Driver.

“I just wanted to tell you how good and how helpful it has been working with you. The stuff on trading was fantastic and I believe I will be very successful at this. But the work on relationships was even more important because I am someone who has always (until now) found close relationships difficult. You have helped me to open up, trust in others and myself. At the end of the day, money is only money and I think human relationships are infinitely more valuable.”
Simon Jones, Sports journalist and writer.

Free consultation so you can decide

We want you to have the relationship you want, it is our NLP World commitment to you. We know how important your relationship is to you so we offer you the opportunity of a FREE skype or telephone session with one of our NLP World Relationship Coaches so you can make the decision whether they are the right person to work with.

This session will allow you to ask the questions you want, and to do some exercises with your NLP World Relationship Coach. They will go through what the sessions will require you to do, cover guarantees and get your commitment as to what you both want, so you can commit to have the relationship you choose.


This is what you get on the your relationship coaching session

Setting realistic and achievable goals together
A comprehensive clearing of all the major negative emotions attached to you relationship thereby removing any negative associations you may have built up over time to your partner or prospective partners
Clearing out any restricting beliefs that stop you from having the relationship you want
Finding out what is important to you both in your relationship, working with each other to resolve any conflicts and realigning anything so you both fully support each other in getting what you want
Learning how to give each other feedback and removing the communication barriers to supporting each other
Understanding each others personality fully so you can revel in each other strengths
Learning each other’s ways of being attracted and how to allow the other person to feel totally in love with you.

How long does it take?

A normal NLP World Relationship coaching session can be up to eight hours. If you are working with a partner, then we need two hours together at the start, two hours individually and then a further two hours working together to create the relationship you both want. We do this over two days so you both enjoy the whole process in a relaxed environment.

If you are working on getting yourself a new partner then the time is reduced (probably half) and can be worked out with your NLP World Relationship Coach.

Let us make you a promise and take away any risk to you


During the NLP World Relationship session you will be asked for your commitment to achieving your relationship goals. We will work with you both initially, and guarantee you get the satisfaction from the sessions and if there are any extra sessions or time needed, they will come at no extra cost to you after the initial fee has been agreed.

Your investment is relative to your circumstances and is negotiated between you and the NLP World Relationship Coach. This fee is relative to your earnings and the coach’s costs. Also we ask you to fully consider how long you have had the relationship issues and what will it cost you in the future if you do not sort them out. Relationships are very emotive and sometimes look difficult to resolve but remember we guarantee you get resolution.

Remember you get a FREE consulting session, so that you can decide if your NLP World Relationship Coach is the right person for you to work with.

Please visit The Coaching Society to find an appropriate coach for you.

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