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NLP Training in Capetown, South Africa

NLP Training has been in South Africa for a short while now, yet NLP World are the only company that can offer you an Internationally accredited certification that spans the globe!

See here for more information on our NLP South Africa certifications

What’s on the NLP one day training Course?

On this course, you’ll learn how NLP works and get trained in many of the techniques it’s become famous for. Not only that, yet you’ll be able to qualify for over R4500 worth of NLP coaching FREE, just by attending!

NLP World are the chosen training provider for the Labour Government and over ten blue chip companies worldwide. NLP World are also inside schools working with teachers and pupils. That kind of endorsement means you can be assured of total quality whether you are coming to a one day, four day or seven day course with us.

We are a fully internationally accredited organisation via The Association of NLP (ANLP UK) and the Association of Integrative Psychologists (AIP USA), making your certifications (if you choose to go further), recognised all over the world!

We will put on an introduction to NLP in Capetown this month (dates coming soon) on and then the one day course (also dates coming soon)

On the one day NLP training, you’ll learn how all the NLP techniques work, including submodalities, anchoring, Time Based Techniques, metaphors and hypnosis. We’ll even demonstrate how to remove a phobia in under half an hour!

Our NLP Practitioner Certification training will enable you to use NLP techniques in business, coaching, therapy and in health to help create the results you want in life.

You do not need any previous experience in NLP before you come to the training but we do run a two day NLP course called The Law of Attraction Weekend.

What can I Expect on the Seven Day NLP Practitioner Training Course?

All our Seven Day NLP Practitioner training courses are run over a straight week period and have an interactive and informal structure which includes;

Instruction, demonstration, discussion and the chance to practice techniques in a supportive and trusting environment.  The course is split into 3 components, which has been designed to provide a structured and comprehensible learning platform.

These are: NLP, Time Based Techniques, Hypnosis.

What do people say about our NLP Practitioner Course?

“In spite of my initial reservations concerning the relevance of NLP techniques to the wider business environment, this programme provided me with exposure to a range of powerful approaches that I have since successfully applied back in the workplace.  I would recommend this programme to individuals seeking an opportunity to link their professional and personal development objectives.  An excellent course”.

Bill Phillips
Deputy Director
Department of Health

Click here to visit all the information about our NLP Seven Day course

Click here to visit the curriculum for our Four Day course

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Next NLP Practitioner retreat course is in South Africa

And Only £1500


(Including accommodation and food. Numbers restricted)

Upcoming Courses

9th Nov – 15th Nov 2024

(Retreat, SA)

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