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Online Presentation Skills Course

Your Online Presentation Skills Course is our NLP version of how to get your messages across to audiences of 5 – 500 people and stay empowered throughout the whole delivery.

On your Online Presentation Skills Course, you’ll get inside the very thought processes you need to further your experience of presenting magically – plus learn the crucial techniques you need to be successful.

Here is an example of how to think about presenting:

The Online Presentation Skills Course is a complete, video-based training program designed to teach you everything you need to know, to become a highly effective advanced Presenter.

This is one of the ONLY Online Presentation Skills Courses that gives you ACCESS TO NLP TRAINERS for feedback or questions. The trainers are on call to guide you, talk to you (via email, telephone, or skype) and assist with your NLP journey.

This course is not like any other Presentation skills course. It’s not about the body language (as a robotic technique), it’s not about tricking people into believing you are a slick presenter. It’s about finding the natural, powerful ‘you’ and then delivered from that place.

NOW ONLY £69.99 (£169.99)

We will also show you how to be “Bullet Proof” in front of the room. It helps if you have some idea of how anchoring works, yet even if not, the concept of being heckled by a whole audience and still maintaining your state will be shown and explained. Plus it’s a lot of fun!

The Online Presentation Skills Course is the most fun you’ll have whilst learning important person-to-person interactive skills. The whole course is video-based and exactly what the live audience got for their Presentation skills course.

You will know how to read a room and react accordingly. Master presenters have the ability to be themselves, whilst delivering your message to many different personalities at once. Presenting is the number two fear in the world: When we show you how easy it is the NLP World way, you may want to get out there immediately and start presenting! The power of a presenter comes before he or she even says one word; we show you these secrets and give you feedback that will allow you to gain group rapport in any circumstance, regardless of the content you are delivering.

The Online Presentation Skills section includes:

  • Using The Now State for Presenting
  • Presenting With Energy!
  • Energy Exercise
  • Four-Mat System
  • How to be a Bullet Proof Presenter
  • The End Product – live demonstration of a presenter

Each of these sections has a live video with live demonstrations and exercises. This is not just theory, it’s the real Online Presentation Skills Course, filmed professionally with live clients!

Testimonials for our online training:

“I am a Lawyer with a Master’s Degree in Human rights Law; but I can say that in all my years of study and attending courses, I have not yet come across any training that I can apply to my life positively from day one like the NLP World Training. I would recommend NLP World to anyone wanting to make positive changes in their lives.”


“I just finished my online NLP course and would like to say thank you I really enjoyed it and it has made up my mind to go ahead and start a new career. Just need to work out when I can come to the live meeting.”

Susan Livingstone

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NOW ONLY £69.99 (£169.99)

Our Online Clinical Hypnosis Course Guarantee

Guarantee: I promise that this course is an excellent online training facility to learn and digest the Online Presentation Skills Course, plus valuable coaching tools that will enable you to perform to your potential. If you find that it fails in any way, I will firstly fix any issues and if that can’t be done I will give you your money back! Remember that all the videos can be DOWNLOADED onto your own PC or Mac, therefore you do not have to worry about poor streaming from your internet connection.

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Terms and conditions: Seven-day full money-back guarantee if the program is faulty (and can’t be fixed) or you can’t access the videos from where you are. We recommend you look at the trailers we have first to make sure you can play videos and look at the images. Email me, Terry Elston, at [email protected] for any more information you need before booking.

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