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Hypnosis Training Set

Hypnosis Training Set


“Learn all you need to know about the basics of Hypnosis and Hypnotic induction”

This MP3 set is a comprehensive Hypnosis Training: Discover how hypnosis is all part of everyday life, for example how the moguls of advertising are using it all the time. Learn how the unconscious mind really works – allowing you to fully understand why some important messages get through and others don’t.

Learn verbal and non-verbal suggestion – so you can control and direct conversations more effectively. Induce deep mind states using fantastic hypnotic inductions, accessing the power of yours and your clients’ unconscious minds. Discover the history of Hypnosis – how the myths evolved, what the truth is about who has the power and see where the foundations came from, way beyond traditional psychology. Utilize deep mind states for healing!

What’s on the Hypnosis training CD or MP3 set?

  1. Informal Inductions
  2. Eriksonian language patterns
  3. Dave Elman Induction
  4. How to build powerful Metaphors
  5. Conversational hypnosis
  6. The whole art and science of Hypnosis


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