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The Key to an Abundant Life

Written by Susanne Billander

The Key to an Abundant Life

The female situation has changed A LOT since the Second World War. Even though it was a terrible time for many with much lost, new paradigms were emerging from the embers of that battle.

Since the day is was ok that women went out to work and made their own money, a new era has been evolving. Having money often means more empowered choices. (At the same time as empowered choices is the creation of everything, including more money). When women woke up to the fact that she could survive without a man, she started to act upon that freedom – more or less. Anything she put up with in the old name of ‘survival’ was possible to be re-evaluated.

Our previous generation has laid ground for a new living reality in the western world. We are now living in a time when women can be spiritually, financially and sexually free. This is changing the relationship with our Self and with the opposite sex.

The question is, why are still many women not living a thriving in life by choosing to embody the freedom to live spiritually, be financially and sexually free?

It may look like women have ‘won’ a lot during the last 60 years, but that’s far from the truth. Tons of women have moved into the masculine energy to create this historic shift and have lost contact with the empowered feminine energy. That’s causing a huge imbalance both in women and men, as well as our health and the manifestation ability.

Symptoms of this imbalance are:

More divorces than ever – and also more breast cancer, which are correlated (that’s another article).
Women and men are lost in “what is a relationship really about?” Longing for something new, but still trapped in the old paradigm of playing out the masculine and feminine energy in between – creating wholeness together instead of within.
More women have excess testosterone and are eager to go out and compete with men. (Contraception pills have helped the creation of this fact.)
More men have an over production of estrogen and are now more happy to stay at home with kids. Increase of estrogen also makes a man fatter around the belly and the breasts.
Even though we have the freedom, there are not many people living a truly abundant life!

A woman, who over compensating masculine energy, is identified with:

Being proud to be independent “I don’t need a man”. Has an income that she can survive on by herself.
Being in charge and in control over her territory. She does not allow the masculine energy to penetrate the being – lots of pleasure is lost here!
The ability to create, but it’s made with a ‘push’, which deplete the energy more or less.
Thrive on adrenaline, breaking through to new ground. Does not hesitate to move outside the comfort zone and expand – Less access to oxytocin (love hormone).
Ability to manifest, but yet a longing to be supported, maybe not from man, but a wish that universe would support them when they are tired and like to regenerate.
She gets attracted to ‘soft’ men but can also end up resenting them. (In the world of separation opposite poles are needed for attraction.) If a woman is high in testosterone she will attract a man who is high in estrogen.
The victory of being ‘the best’, but experience loss of something dear to her heart.

This can be satisfying for a while. It can feel like a ‘winning formula’, but it will outlive itself and it start to create negative consequences in form of health problems, loss of motivation to create with the same energy and dis-satisfying relationships.

The truth is: When the feminine energy is lost, then the masculine energy can’t manifest. There is no sacred container to grow the energy in. The sensuality and pleasure gets depleted because the play between the energies is not allowed to flow. The bottom line is that we are not allowing life to lift us with both the masculine and the feminine power (yin-yang). Wholeness can’t be experienced within one’s own energetic system.

A woman who over compensating feminine energy, is identified with:

Whining. Complain and gossip instead of actively changing her energy and action.
Passive. Hope, forgiveness, acceptance become the waiting traps.
Submissive. Let her man, children and others take the lead of her destiny.
Have to ask her man for money or for permission to do what she likes to do.
Hiding in the ‘mommy’ role than shining as a sensual woman.

Feminist voices are often filled with hate towards men. They complain that men get paid more, society is not fair to women, that we should be equal… I used to think, “Not very strange you get paid less, not listened to, not creating change with that whiny voice”. Until I noticed I used it too in certain situations and gave it up!

Are you ready to become a truly empowered woman?

My definition of a truly empowered woman, is one who has access to her feminine and masculine power and lives intimately with the vital life force.

Regardless if you are stuck in the masculine (active) or feminine (passive) aspect it can be shifted to a yummy intimate reality, where the pleasure of human life gets experience as well as abundance on all levels.

I know this through experience, this shift. I grew up with the both polarities of Miss independent and yet a part of me sensitive and co-dependent. In my masculine energy I felt confidence. Going out in the world to explore, learn and put into practice was satisfying. I turned rich men down, because I didn’t want to receive and be hooked into something. I had to be in charge and felt lost if I was not. I only received when I had been giving. The co-dependent part was highly sensitive of other people’s judgments of me, which held me back.

After I embodied the ability to manifest an abundant income every month for 2,5 years, built a loan free house in an Eco Village in Costa Rica and was done with the creation of my dream lifestyle, then the female sexual power knocked on my door. I opened the door in the end of March this year and created a huge life change. It has made my life more delicious than ever. The benefits are beyond more sexual pleasure, but it’s a nice side effect. The true pleasure is living intimately with life and supportive of the whole life force energy (integrated masculine and feminine power). Life has never supported me in this effortless way before this shift. Any choice or true need is served shortly – often without even having to ask. I was raised ‘not to be spoiled’ and now my parents serve me with open hearts. They just love the life I am living. Money finds their way to me without thinking about it. My heart is overflowing. The true beauty from my essence is now shining through – I feel beautiful for the first time in my life, with or without makeup! I have amazing friendship with women and men. And the cherry on the cake – a beyond amazing relationship.

Now is the era where instead of focusing on ascending and hang out in the clouds with our divine freedom, we can embrace the human experience and experience abundance in human form.

Are you choosing to embody your feminine power, let it flow with your masculine power and discover how deliciously abundant it is to live intimately with life?

My womb and heart has expanded and is now holding space for more women to experience their true power, abundance and beautiful glow.

I’m inviting you to take this conversation further with me personally to explore what it would mean to you to be spiritually, financially and sexually free. What specific transformation are you ready to say YES to? Then I will share how I can be a catalyst to your delicious and abundant shift.

Fill in this form to apply for a free conversation to reveal what transformation you are ready to say YES to.


With an over flowing heart,

Susanne Billander

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