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Knowing NLP | Ebook |Understanding NLP

Knowing NLP | Ebook |Understanding NLP

I wrote this book because people were asking me “can you recommend a book about NLP for me?” And I couldn’t. Most were either too technical and hard on the readers eyes or too superficial and didn’t go into the depth thats available behind the scenes in NLP.

Here is an excerpt.


Chapter 4 Sensory Awareness

What we’re going to look at now is one of the cornerstones of NLP; one
of the cornerstones of any kind of relating, communicating and listening
that you’ll ever come across. In NLP we call that Sensory Acuity, or you
could call it Sensory Awareness.

Sensory Awareness is so fundamentally important and imperative for
any kind of relationship work that you’re going to be doing. It’s one of
the most important pieces of training you’ll ever undertake, whether
you’re a teacher in the classroom, in training rooms, meetings, business,
socially, with clients one to one or in your personal relationships.

What’s being taught is your ability to understand the language of another’s
body and be sensitive to that as you communicate. Your client will tell you
everything that’s going on inside them through/via their body.

two people talking with gesturesSo we are not just talking about how they’re sitting, whether their arms
are folded or unfolded, or you know whether their head is cocked to
one side or another, but everything. I’m talking about the eyes, the
breathing, the lips, the colour of the cheeks, whether the breathing is
coming from the top or the middle or the lower of their chest. All these
are absolute give-aways as to what a person is doing inside.

The way we do this in NLP is not the way that we’ve seen other
factions considering what body language means. This is not a section
about what body language means, because body language can mean
anything. It’s very, very individual.

Of course there can be some generalizations that we can come to in
terms of body language, yet we never presuppose a type of body
language; breathing, noticing the skin colour can mean anything until we
have discovered what that particular behaviour from the body means to
that particular person.

That’s why this section is a lot different from any kind of body language
lesson that you’ll ever experience.

For instance, if somebody is crossing their arms, it doesn’t mean they
are closed, or negative or anything at all. They may just be cold….or
resting their arms!

But we become so ridiculously habituated into trying to fantasize about
what a person’s body language means. From everything we’ve ever heard
about body language from the ‘experts’, we forget to actually look
out and see what’s happening with that person individually. What we
want to see is if we can notice what that particular body language means
in this moment for this person.

The book is available from my website by clicking here

Or at Amazon by clicking here

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