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It’s Time To Release Procrastination

It’s Time To Release Procrastination

This recording is an amazing journey into the deepest parts of your stuck mind, to free up and oil those cogs that need to start turning. Terry Elston has produced this product on procrastination and guides you through a forest of thorns to solutions and resolutions that you can get free again in your life.

Here is an excerpt in writing:

… moving so easily, so effortlessly, you feel almost as though you’re floating on air… and in no time at all you find yourself drifting through the trees, their leaves closing overhead to form a canopy… their branches making an irregular pattern against the clear blue of the sky… It’s pleasantly cool in the forest and the gentle sound of birds singing, echoing faintly, and the scent of the trees and undergrowth relaxes you still further… as you move easily into the inviting depths, becoming more sleepily relaxed with each step you take…

You can hear a stream somewhere, its gurgling sound gradually mingling with the sound of the ocean… as you follow the winding path down and down towards the beach that you know is in front of you, weaving through the trees and brushing aside the occasional piece of foliage… until, quite suddenly… you feel the warmth of the sun on your head and shoulders again and you find yourself on that beautiful deserted beach…

….your confidence of moving forwards is also about managing your mind. Now we are in a relaxed environment. You are experiencing an altered state of consciousness, that is giving you the feeling of well being. Into the future, you can keep this feeling by being aware of your thought patterns. You are the farmer of your own internal garden.

Your thoughts are like seeds in this garden and you can manage then just as a farmer or shepherd would his sheep. You can recognise weeds also, or an animal that needs attention to thrive. Treat your thoughts as living beings that need attention. When you have a plan, or great idea – have confidence it will grow eventually, when the season is right.

A good farmer will not stop to dig up his seeds to find out whether they are growing. Know that your inner resources, when allowed to have the nurturing and relaxation you are giving them now, will flourish…..

If you are serious about moving on into your brighter future, invest in this outstanding product and start this journey now.

It’s Time To Release Procrastination

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