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Transformational Workshop

I’m running the transformational workshop Lighter Shades of Transformation on 18th June.

The one day workshop will include esoteric principles taken from various sources, including The Druid Order, Huna and Shamanism. And of course, the NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line elements of which Terry Elston is renowned for. It’s not a workshop for everyone, which is why it is via application only. And there will be many challenges, plus ecstatic moments to receive, so your system needs to be ready for this journey.

The venue is a ballroom in The Mercure Hotel in Brighton. A fantastic room, huge, carpeted and great ambience as it’s a popular place for weddings to occur. We will dispense with normal seating arrangements and choose cushions or carpet to sit/lie on. Your room will be like a womb.If you wanted to celebrate your summer solstice in true meaning and style, this would be the place for you!


What will you get?


  Reclaim the juiciness of your life

 Transform your expression 

 Make this your summer solstice ceremony 

 Dive into deeper intimacy with others

  Reconnect with your purpose in life

 Discover the true meaning of love



A co-created workshop, inspiring and motivating your core principles of transformation, together.


What is Lighter Shades?


lighter shades of transformationLighter Shades of Transformation is a cross between comedy and chaos – between the light and the dark. A course where your input is part of the universal matrix that connects all beings and resources. A bridge to the esoteric principles that govern the universe, yet to ride on those beams of light as Einstein did in his dreams. All the people attending will (on some level) understand the principles that govern our subconscious existence already – that there are forces underlying our development and being that when tapped into, cause changes (or allow change to occur that has been waiting). And everyone who attends becomes part of the ongoing matrix.


What does it cost and where will it be?

It will be in Brighton. Cost is just £79.99 for the day earlybird and £129 nearer the time.

If you are wondering if that is good value, you can also get a Brighton underground tour of the victorian sewer network for £12.50 per hour.

The date is Saturday, June 18th, 2016

Venue – The Mercure Hotel, ground floor in the amazing and beautiful ballroom. It’s huge, carpeted and glamorous!

Grand room mercure hotel

Times 10am – 5pm


This event is by application only. Please click here to submit a form to us.

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