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Which is the best NLP Training?

How do I choose the best NLP Training? With so many NLP Trainers and Companies out there, it can be tricky to know where to turn and how to choose the right NLP Training. Especially when pricing can be wildly different! I did my NLP Practitioner Course about 3 years ago and I feel that I would have been able to make a quicker and easier decision if I knew then what I know now. Because I am so passionate about the subject and what a worthwhile investment it can be. I wanted to write this article to help yourself choose the best NLP Training for you.

You don’t need me to tell you the obvious, I am sure that you will already be conscious of researching suitable locations and pricing. That said, the nearest doesn’t always represent the best value or experience. On my course there were people that had travelled across the world and from the opposite end of the UK because of the quality of the course and the overall value it represented.

So how can I be aware what is the best NLP Training, or not?

What I am going to focus on throughout this article is the points that you may not be aware of if you have not yet done NLP. Here are my tips: Establish what support and assistance is on offer during the course. What I loved about my NLP course, was that there were plenty of Assistants around to help me when I needed it. There was a lot to take in on the course and the practical exercises were sometimes challenging for me, so having people around to answer questions and give me feedback was immensely valuable. Because the practical exercises can bring out a lot of emotion, I thought it was normal for NLP Training Providers to have plenty of assistants, however I have since met people that have had to attend a second NLP Course because they did not get the support they needed from the original training providers.

I have since heard of some courses where you are one of 100 people with as little as two assistants to help the entire group! Having been through the journey, I can whole heartedly say that if I had not had the support available to guide with the practical exercises, I would not have been confident to start practising after the course. It would have been a waste of money for me. Even if the course does not specify how many assistants will be there to help you, call and ask. It’s a critical pillar of success and helping you to fully grasp the techniques and get the most out of them.

Find out how many they have on the course. The fewer people there are in the group, the more the trainer can cater for everyone’s learning needs and ensure that everyone has understood the techniques correctly. It’s also very inspiring and rewarding to have personal contact with the Trainer, rather than being one in an audience of 100.  It depends on if you are going in order to meet lots of people, or if the primary objective is to learn the material in the best way to be credible and successful after the course.

There are some Training Providers that have as few as 10-15 which is a good size for an all-encompassing, transformational experience. My course had 10 people there with four Assistants. I felt really well taken care of and understood the material at the deepest level. Check out reviews on the ANLP Website. ANLP is The Association for NLP and they are responsible for the code of ethics for NLP and NLP Trainers, as well as being the accrediting body in the UK. If you review their website you can read reviews and information on NLP Trainers. I didn’t know this when I was searching and having this would have made the decision even easier.

Here are the reviews for the Trainer I trained with; you can also search for other trainers and compare reviews on the ANLP site. ANLP also talk about the Code of Ethics and their complaints management process in their article here.  I trained with NLP World and went away from my course ready to start practising and having great success with clients immediately. I had no regrets and it was the best money I have ever spent. You can hear other experiences from NLP World delegates here  

The best NLP Training was written by Natalie Rea

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