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A Christmas NLP Story

Once upon a time, out there in the universe, thought energy traversed through the ions of time (although thought energy has no time, so that part of the story has to be corroborated). This ‘energy brain’ was a hungry sort, its main purpose to seek out knowledge and wisdom and eat that for breakfast. But thinking is a tricky thing. Once you’ve thought a thought, another thought can eat that thought until thinking has consumed even itself. And in terms of its own thought existence, well, how could it even know it was there. “Haha, I think therefore I am, that’ll be a good dinner table conversation”, it thought to itself, (although dinner tables had not been invented just yet).

And that imagined image of a dinner table sparked a huge series of problems for the infinite thought being. Because up until that point, everything existed as thought energy. “I must create something that I will call matter” it thought to itself, and then laughed at the absurd thought. But, even though the thought was absurd, thought could not let go of the idea. “If I manifest, all will be stopped. Things will not be fluid anymore, or infinite. There will even be death” it thought to itself. Yet, I am thought, and thought will create.”

But, that thought didn’t make anything happen. Nothing manifested and there was no dinner table. “Wow, I have had a thought that actually didn’t work” it said to itself. “How can I even do that?” and the thought being travelled through ions of time and space (although time and space did not exist so that has to be corroborated), slightly confused about that.

Finally the essence of thought, thought to itself “Ah, I have it. This whole thing matters too much. I can’t create a dinner table when all there is, is a dinner table – there has to be a not dinner table. Otherwise the whole universe would be a dinner table! I must create not-matter as well as matter for things to be in this existence. I will create anti-matter”. (In the back of the thought being’s mind it also knew it was creating a not-itself as well.)

And in that instance, everything that had ever been thought, began to exist in the physical world. And with everything that existed, the not part of that existence also was given birth to. There was a tree and a not-tree. A river and the not-river (not to be confused with the river not). A knot and a not-knot, (we may get onto those later, but they can tie you up). The thought being looked upon its creation and thought it looked good. “There’s just one thing” it said to itself, “This stuff needs a lot of looking after, even the thought of that takes effort”. So he created things called people, and he gave them everything he knew, so they could manage all the ‘stuff’ in the universe.

But making physical things comes with issues. Things that hadn’t been thought about before. The knowledge and wisdom of all eternity was now embedded inside these mortal, physical beings. Their finite bodies and control centres could not handle such huge amounts of data. They slipped into the past tense (which has now been created as a by-product) and were lost as to what they were doing there.

The infinite thought being knew what was happening and then felt responsible, but also then not-responsible at the same time. “What have I done” it thought, and then immediately “and what have I not-done?” This conversation (the same ones you and I have alone in our kitchens) went on long into solar and lunar history.

Eventually, the thought being had the idea. “I will allow the people (who are actually not-me’s) to see themselves and so they know what they are, they (and really when we say they, it is actually the thought being itself) can remember what ‘they’ are doing here”. So the infinite thought being created a medium for people to see themselves. It took this medium from the very substance inside its own evolutionary structure. Its name was EV. Like evolution, or evening, or eventually (as it was was going to take a long time to unravel itself).

And mankind began its long and arduous journey back to the source. Sometimes stopping, looking up to the skies and feeling like home is up there somewhere. But then, realising the mortgage has to be paid and Christmas people needs presents, strives harder in the illusion of physical life. And some, remembering something of the truth, will stop everything, let go of the physical world and become present. In the blink of an eye (or a third eye in this case), become one again with the thought being – timeless, without struggle and it doesn’t matter anymore. They have come into the Juis Suis. The “I am”, or Lamb. Happy Christmas.

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