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What Career can you do after your NLP course?

A probable question people have before learning NLP is “What career can you do after your NLP course?” If you do not have a vocation already, you may be looking at NLP as a stand-alone practise. If you are there are a few important factors to consider:

Where is your chosen marketplace? What genre of business/therapy/education do you want to appeal to? inside that, which kind of people do you envision working with (women, men, old, young etc.). To narrow down who with, when and where you want to place your NLP skills is imperative to gaining success. The more focused you are into a certain niche, the more you can communicate with that group personally and with direction.

How does NLP work with so many different vocations in life?

Because NLP works with the idea of how the mind and body work naturally, the application of what, where and with whom you can use these skills becomes vast. That means you can apply NLP to business, therapy, education and self-development. It’s a skill of the mind. All professions use mind and communication of mind. 

Is NLP more for business, education, self-development or Therapy?

I started out working mostly for healing practises, people who were into mind/body/spirit. That’s where I felt most comfortable to begin with. Then I branched out into the corporate world. But not only these business entities, I have worked with the UK Government (communication skills), The South Wales police force (NLP training skills), Christs Hospital (using language to influence), Hurstpierpoint College (using NLP to guide your future visions), Oathall Community College (teaching teachers good communication skills and coaching pupils to get better grades).

Any organisation has communication as it’s primary target inwards (towards its staff) or outwards (towards its customers), so NLP has its marketplace pretty much everywhere as it is based in all types of communication, direct, indirect, towards the conscious mind and/or the unconscious mind. Verbal and non-verbal.

How does NLP have its bedrock in communication?

The language we all use is the last place of calling when we can understand another being. Before it becomes language it is symbolic in nature through pictures, sounds, tastes, smells, feelings and primal thought essence.

NLP has been excellent at isolating these principles and working at that level to promote direct connection with the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the only way through to learning and behaviour change. Therefore, when it comes to transforming behaviour or getting messages across, the consciousness around using direct ‘talk’ with the symbolic unconscious mind makes NLP invaluable.

You can undertake our coaching online program, and coupled with your NLP training, can then call yourself a coach. You are probably over-skilled already after being qualified as an NLP Practitioner with Time Based Techniques and Hypnosis accredited certification.

Your career is then as good as your imagination on how you will use your new NLP based skills!

Here is a link to the flagship NLP training page

If you don’t already have a vehicle that you can apply your NLP techniques into, you will be looking to make NLP into your own business or career – so what are your options? What are organisations looking for? If you are going into corporate NLP, here is a list of some of the organisations we already have been using NLP with. This is about half the list: To see the whole list visit this page on corporate business training:

Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson
NLP techniques for quality selling skills


British Airways
Career Development Change Management


J.P Morgan Chase
Influencing and Negotiation Skills


Train the Trainer programme


Management Team leadership, Coaching and Sales Skills, Cape Town/Jo’Burg


Forte Group
Executive performance coaching


Culture Change


Ernst & Young
Coaching Skills


The Business Results & Management Development Program


Merrill Lynch
Team Leadership Development


Presentation skills and team building


Business process change events, facilitation skills training and coaching


UK Power Networks
Management Training, Sales & Team building


The Power of Successful Selling


Career Change Consultancy


Standard Life
Winning at Presentations


Granada TV
Culture Change



Lend Lease
Presentation skills, motivational coaching skills and management development skills

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