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Autumn in the Mind

Autumn in the Mind

When we consider the weather and the seasons – we are all revolving in a universal experiment of chemicals and elements. The front we are experiencing right now called Autumn is happening in the west, yet it is too simple to reserve the dynamic of Autumn just to time and place. Firstly we have to find the abstract message of Autumn and see how it fits on many different levels.

beanstalkTraditionally Autumn is where we harvest the produce. The plants and most vegetables have grown to their highest and it’s time to cut them down. You could see this as Jack and Beanstalk metaphor. Jack gets some beans and he’s innocent about the dynamic (fertile for learning and growth). Then his efforts have got him the growth to get his produce. BUT, there’s always some challenges to overcome (sometimes integrity, truth, love), so ‘he’ has to fight those demons to win his prize.

Then, if and when you get your prize, you could say that the result belongs to the intention. Within that philosophy there can be no stealing of material goods really. In other words you will always get what you deserve and no-one can take it from you. Mostly because, from the earliest of philosophies (Egypt and before), what we are all working on is our 5 abstract senses, love, act, sense, know and think.

In NLP, we talk a lot about the physical senses, seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling. If you add to those senses the abstract senses, you get a bigger picture of the journey of a human being. The story of Jesus (and many other mythical stories) will follow the journey of the seasons and therefore elements as well. Eventually he is put ‘up high’ and the seed that drops is reborn.

Intention quoteWhen a farmer looks out onto their field and observe their produce, they know exactly what made it happen. They would also know exactly what would make a crop NOT happen. And they could take responsibility for that. The intention always produces the result. That result is either the final development of the field, soil, plant vegetable, plan, building, project or idea – OR it’s the result in the mode of a reflection to what to do differently next time. That’s still a result that you and I can work on.

Last prize would be looking at your field and blaming someone else for what the result is. That would be a poor farmer eventually!

All the seasons are present in a day, hour or minute. Even the next sentence you utter will have all four seasons present. It’s just good that we have the obvious physical manifestation so we can look, observe and learn one by one as they happen in our outside lives.

See also another article on how the seasons work with our lives, click here.

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