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Can NLP Help Your Child With School Phobia?

Can NLP Help Your Child With School Phobia?

Is every school morning a battle? Does your child cry, complain of stomach cramps or refuse to let go of you in the playground? Is your teen anxious, withdrawn and refusing to go in at all. Did you consider this as school phobia?

If it’s possible you are dealing with school phobia – and you’re certainly not alone. Whilst statistics for school phobia (also called school refusal) are uncertain, it’s thought that between 1-5% of kids suffer with the problem. That’s nearly 90,000 children in the UK alone.

Whilst some schools are supportive, offering ELSA sessions and reduced timetables, many schools take the hard line. Threatening fines, court orders and even a criminal record if the child does not attend school. Cahms referrals are often rejected because the child “must be attending school” in order to have an assessment.

What the schools fail to realise is that a school refusing child is not just being “difficult” or “naughty”. The pain, anxiety and fear that they feel in that moment is “real” and no amount of threats or promised rewards will make that go away.

The kids and parents are left unsupported, under pressure and feeling hopeless.

How NLP For School Refusal Can Help

school refusal

It’s important to understand that a phobic response is very different from a strong fear. A phobia is incapacitating and appears uncontrollable. A phobic person can’t be reasoned with or logically talked out of it and a school phobic child is no different.

The only real solution to a school refusal situation is to fully resolve the anxiety and cure the phobia, giving the child the confidence, strength and resources they need to attend school happily and without stress.

NLP, also known as Neuro Linguistic Programming, is famous for its ability to cure phobias and resolve anxiety. Simple phobias can be fully cured in as little as 15 minutes, whereas more complex cases may take up to 2-3 sessions.

Terry Elston, owner of NLP World, successfully dealt with a pupil’s phobia at Oathall Community College in just one fairly short session even though the pupil had been allocated to Terry for his grades diminishing.

I was given a brief that a child was failing in his grades and was becoming an issue for teachers. After talking to him for a short period about his experience at school, he also informed me he had a phobia. Even though this was not a phobia of being at school, it occupied his thoughts a great deal. I was able to release the phobia in about ten minutes. His grades then improved remarkably from that point onwards

How Does NLP For School Phobia Work?

Unlike traditional therapies, NLP works on an unconscious level, eliminating the problem at the root cause. You or your child do not need to “know” consciously now what the cause of the problem is in order for it to be effective, making it hugely powerful where other approaches may have failed before.

fear school

Your NLP practitioner will work with your child to find, change and eliminate the anxiety, phobia and stress surrounding school. Resolving old issues and giving them the resources they need to be able to let go of the problem, whether that’s more confidence, better strategies for coping with stress or trauma recovery like in the cases of bullying victims.

There’s no pressure placed on your child and most kids actually find the sessions quite fun. There’s lots of using their imagination and being creative involved.

With a willing child, the issue can be fully resolved, leaving their school anxiety in the past and allowing them to move forward and enjoy their remaining school years without stress.

If you’d like more information about NLP For School Phobia & School Refusal, email us at NLP World

Or contact Lucinda Dawes at

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