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Case Study Insomnia and Phobia

Case Study Insomnia and Phobia

After running a training, it’s quite a coincidence that people outside that environment pick up on aspects we have been working on and get in touch. I worked with two phobias on the Practitioner training, plus two people were having insomnia. Then one of my old delegates from years back gets in touch and tells me she has been having insomnia to the extent it’s now a phobia!

three hypnosis watchesWe worked on Skype. Firstly I looked at when did this first start? She related that about 2 and half months ago she had a sinus issue and it was hard to breathe. Every time she tried to sleep her head jolted and then she’d wake up again. Now can’t sleep at all. It was obvious to me the purpose of her unconscious mind was to protect her from not breathing in her sleep, but now was hard wired and with no ‘off’ switch.

So I looked at how she wanted to be different and things she loves in her life (to get resources to collapse the trigger point). She loves horse riding. The “freedom”, she “relaxes”, “shuts off everything”. She even gave me a time when the horse “jolts” and she regains her balance. So I used a hypnosis induction to calm the mind and then took her through a story of riding her horse which “shut off everything” when she rides and took all the resources to the trigger point when she jolts herself awake.

I kept conditioning the trigger point with other resources I’d got from her until I deduced we were done. I Tested the trigger point and had a favourable response, that was different from her reaction about an hour before.

theta delta brain wavesOn the journey we were taking, I also talked about the brain waves and encouraged her unconscious mind to produce the ‘right’ brainwaves for sleep when the time came. I reminded her mind to produce Theta and Delta brain waves to give her what she needed to sleep.

Then I gave her strategies for sleeping, as the actual habit of sleep had to be reconditioned (just as if you had been on a long haul flight and the time clock had changed). Then gave her some recovery strategies in case it didn’t work perfectly the first time. Sometimes sleep (after removing the trigger point of not sleep) is about learning how to sleep.

I also have a Deep Sleep audiobook – click here to find it.

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