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What happens on our NLP courses?

What happens on our NLP courses?

We can write a million words to describe what it feels like, or looks like to take part none of our trainings. Yet the experience of an NLP training is quite literally “Mind Blowing!” I can say that, yet would you believe that? Here’s a few testimonials, plus a live video of a phobia cure taking place

 “Wow..firstly I ditched my old work place and I’m now renting a chair at the chicest salon in Cambridge. To add to that in my first week I more than doubled my income and have have reduced my working hours!  My social life has completely hit the the roof. All my relationships with family, friends are on fire and my communication skills are so clear and much more resourceful, it’s very exciting!”
Lucy Doran – Stylist


  “Most of all a huge thank you for your inspiration and wisdom. You have opened my eyes and heart to a new world. A world of infinite possibilities. You are an excellent mentor and coach. I look forward to our next journey together. Love and gratitude”. Fatima (Fats) Hendriks – Personal Coach and fashion stylist, Johannesburg


Here is a phobia cure that took place in 2016. I had already performed a quick loosening technique before we stated this part, so we are about ten minutes into it only. The whole session only took about twenty minutes:

 WOW…..the training for the NLP Practitioner, Time Based Techniques and Hypnosis with Terry was mind blowing for me. I found Terry to be open, funny and dynamic in his approach and extremely supportive before, throughout and following the course.  I would recommend Terry and NLP World to anyone who was thinking about change in their personal or business life – it is just life changing, incredible and transforming. Maggie Irwin Clinical and Theraputic Hypnotherapist Life Coach NLP Practitioner Stress Management Consultant

Here is an older testimonial video that Amy Humpries sent to us (unsolicited we may add) after her NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses. From where she was there (no prior experience) Amy is now one of the top social media exponents around. Amy produced my Online NLP Training and advised me on social media. I can’t even get her back to do some more work for me that she is so busy!:

As you can see, there is no substitute for seeing into the training courses. You could read loads of books and research this subject, yet the experience is a truly life changing one with us. We make sure the environment is set up for you to completely immerse yourself into a learning and developing atmosphere, leaving behind everything you though you knew about life, living and achieving. Coming into a new world with a new outlook, however good yours already is.

“Contrary to popular belief, money does grow on tress. It just depends which garden you are in.” Terry Elston

Have a look here at the whole notion of perceptions in a blog a few weeks back:

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