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NLP and The Magic of Language

Neuro Linguistic Programming came to my eyes and ears over 20 years ago.

The whole area of NLP and The Magic of language has been fascinating me ever since – and maybe even before. The conscious use of language can take a person on a journey through space and time like they could never imagine. But where have these language patterns come from? How do they work? How can you use them?

Here are some answers; and they come from a lot, lot further back than you may think.

nlp and the magic of language

If you were brought up in the intellectual west, then you may be forgiven if you imagined a caveman artfully scribing out a picture of a battle scene or paying homage to the animals that kept them alive. And then did you think that clever people slowly decided that there would be an A, then a B and other letters to string together in sentences to verbally describe these otherwise pictorial events?

eye of horus

Or do you think that language came from the east in Sanskrit, then Hebrew or Latin? Whichever way you are facing, the clues that the Egyptians left behind give us some idea of the processes inside language that they knew and used consciously. One important factor is that the Egyptians were not a simple race as may have been thought. They were able to think abstractly more than any other race in history. To them, thinking was akin to digging in the ground. A harvest of crops would be like having ideas and making them into a project then reaping the rewards. Nothing was just black and white.

Now lets look at the language. Take the word religion: RE (sun) LIG (light) ION (atom). As you can see the early religionists were not of the worship-long-beards-in-the-sky mob! They were scientists in nature and used to study the stars and planets. That’s why we have a Monday (Moon-day), Saturday (Saturn-day), Sunday (Sun-day). In fact every word that you can utter originally had a meaning of process. The words actually gave birth to something, rather than just stopping at a dead end (noun).

Way before we have records, language was a long string of process orientated sentences without gaps and almost no nouns. You can still see remnants of this in some languages, yet for the most part, we use language as barriers, defenses and separation.

The word heart is also the same route as hearth (a place for fire to burn). The same sun light atoms we talked of earlier were seen to be the source of our birth and death and many fables and stories came from this premise.

synchronocity and accidents picture

The story of ‘Arthur and The Sword in the Stone’ is one such myth. A sword was almost always used as a simile of light or the nervous system; the stone a place where light would disappear and be stored. Therefore the person who was “right” would be able to free the atoms of light from the stone (in other words free themselves from old habits and heavy stuff) and gain the rewards. Of course, we in the West have managed to always look at these stories as past tense historical and physical, but the ancients were not such people.

So how does all this fit with NLP and language? The exciting part here is that we have the most powerful and creative tool on the planet right here! It’s in our minds and on the edge of our tongues: Language!!

The conscious use of language is one of the tools we train at NLP World. We allow you to begin to notice that each word has a vibrational quality, each phrase has the chance to be creative or destructive. Your conscious use of language determines how successful (or not) you will be. Here is a link where you can download The Hebraic Tongue Restored, by Fabre d’Olivet, one of the most in-depth sources of our ancient language.

When you are working with clients or making a sales call, your ability to pick up on how another person creates their world through language is an art we are just starting to remember.

Here’s a quote from a client who had one session from a newly accredited Master Practitioner Paul Burr

“Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the session Tuesday night. I really enjoyed it, but I couldn’t really remember what the “problems” were which is a good thing – as I tried to think of them, they just kept disappearing so I just said well, whatever it is, it’s not a problem now!!”

This skill in using language makes your job as a communicator so much easier and gives you the power to be your own creator or destructor of mini-universes.

Terry Elston
NLP World Director

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