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How To Make Love With Life

The real question is not really “How To Make Love With Life”, but “Are you making love with life?”

The whole challenge of attaining human adult status is to have what you love and want in life, be expressed about it (no secrets) and make a living from that love. Easy to say, but perhaps a lifetime to achieve!

The story of the Garden of Eden is the story from Genesis, a chapter from the book of the ultimate creation itself. So what has that metaphor got for us that is useful? Understanding of the primal ‘sin’ would be a healthy place to start.

The sin was eating of the apple, the ‘forbidden’ fruit. In religions other than Christianity it is a different fruit on the tree. Our eyes were opened from this act and we saw ourselves and noticed we were naked and not quite perfect.

There is plenty of opportunity for guilt in that philosophical interpretation of the creationist version of human life.

Two hands holding an apple | NLP World.If the interpretation was more like the Egyptian version, then mankind had chosen to manifest, gave birth to a physical form and had a reflection to help ‘him’ along his way. Eve being the bridge between animal and human, becoming evening, even, and Venus. The apple was experience itself and the start had been taken (a bite), the snake = energy (The Rod of Asclepius), The garden was a context, a place where dynamics could meet and something would happen. The whole thing, an experiment.

So if we were to take away any guilt or sin (EVIL = EVEL), we are left with a race of potentially powerful and creative beings designing and interacting with life to create worlds from experimenting and expressing life on earth. Making Love with life (see love also as L’ove or ovaries).

baby in wombIf your birthright is to experiment, find things you love and practise creation from that place, how much fun would life be for you? Of course, the most physical example of love making is sex, yet if you or I raise that vibration, love making can be creativity on many levels. We can make a project, a business, music or anything that involves creation and expansion of that creation (just a s nucleus will split and create a baby if the conditions are right).

So why aren’t most of us doing what we really love and being honest about ourselves to create freedom internally and then externally?

From my own experience and from all my friends and clients that I have talked to openly, we are all working out of the concept called desire. Desire gets us out of bed, makes us run long distances (and literally if we are athletes), and try and win things. It belongs somewhat to the animal kingdom yet has been passed down to us in order to transcend desire itself.

man and woman naked So the paradox for you and I is to have those things we desire, without guilt, yet notice how to transcend them on the material level to places where ultimate freedom exists and we do not get ‘trapped’ by the things that we desire. They are, after all, illusions on the pathway to awakening. The abstract elements of act, sense, love, know and think come into play to transcend see, feel, hear, taste and smell. Beyond NLP in fact.

When working with clients, bear in mind that the goals they think they want in the physical world are simply things to head for whilst on the pathway to love. And creating a loving life is far more important than building a pension plan to remain ‘safe’ in the world.

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