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Your Inner Values and Outer Needs

Your Inner Values and Outer Needs

If The Laws of Attraction were just about having some pictures and feelings in your mind and holding onto them to create life, how come that doesn’t always work? If it was just that easy, we’d all probably be having sex all the time! Or all live in mansions, with swimming pools with bars. How many good pictures and feelings of all those things are created and held onto every minute of the day?

river with houseObviously there is more to creation than being able to be your own film producer and director. Yet i have also personally used that method and made lots of things happen. I remember wanting a pair of black suit shoes one day to match my newly tailor made suit. I didn’t want to spend much as i only wear a suit once a year or so. I was in my home town of Hove wondering down a shopping street looking for those shoes. Getting hungry, I bought a tuna roll and went to deposit the wrapper in a big green wheel big. Then at the bottom of that bin were a pair of shiny black suit shoes. My size, size nine and looked like they had hardly ever been worn!

And likewise, on one occasion I made an image of a woman I’d like to meet. She had black long hair, beautiful features and had an interest in NLP and self-development. The very next day I found myself sitting next to her and consequently we got together.

Secret lock towards keyholeYet I have also had times where I desired something so badly and spent ages, sometimes years focusing and never manifested. So what’s the difference? There is a saying out there that your conscious mind (the focusing lens) is the “goal setter” and your unconscious mind (the engine and link to higher powers) is the “go getter”. Therefore if these two are not aligned for some reason, the object of your desire will not come about. In fact Milton Erickson used to say that clients only were clients because they were not aligned with their conscious and subconscious minds.

To make even more sense of this, if you begin with the premise that every human being has a purpose in life built into the fabric of their being – if that purpose is not satisfied with the goal for any reason, it will not create the alchemy needed for making something happen.

That’s why, in NLP we look to clear out any limiting beliefs, yet at the same time look for the learning that is intrinsic with the problem, so the purpose in life (or higher conscious mind) can be satisfied it gets what it wants.

Here’s an example. One of my clients wanted a boyfriend, so that was their focus. Yet when I began to ask questions, it was obvious that she had commitment and trust challenges that would stop any energy flow towards this outcome. In other words the message she really was transmitting was, “I don’t trust you, don’t come too close”.

SAM_0481And if her purpose in life was to refine that area of trust and commitment, there is no way on earth her whole system is just going to get her a boyfriend just like that. Her task then, was to clear out these limiting beliefs from her garden of Eden. That meant to work with old memories, clear out any beliefs that were not supporting her and any genetic left overs from her family line. After that work is done, we can then invoke The Laws of Attraction and her visions and feeling can attract what she wants. Before that work, she would be attracting all the ‘wrong sorts’ to give her constant reflection on what to work on. That’s why really there are no victims. We all get our reflections relative to our challenges. The perfect storm.

If you want to learn more about The Laws of Attraction, you can have a look at the book here, The ABC of Abundant Living

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