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Letting your unconscious mind help with your problems

Letting your unconscious mind help with your problems – By Sue Reid

If you quieten all the chatter in your mind, you can ask your unconscious mind to sort out your problems for you. With a quietened conscious mind, you can start to listen to your unconscious mind more easily. I call it ‘putting my problems out in the Universe’. If you are able to keep quiet and just wait, the answer, or at least some great nugget of wisdom will pop into your head. It may not come ‘on demand’, I find it works best if I ‘sleep on it’.

I spend about 10 minutes quiet time relaxing and letting any thoughts just drift through and away from me. I then ask my unconscious mind to help me with ‘my problem’. I always like to refer to it as asking ‘The Universe’ – no idea why that happened but it works for me. I make my request very specific so my unconscious mind ‘gets it’. Then I go to sleep as normal.

In the morning I just carry on doing all the normal morning things. Thoughts can start appearing either when I am in the shower or a little while later. For the last 10 years or so I have always left for work earlier than I need to. This means I miss the traffic, I am never late and it gives me around 30 minutes spare time that I use to sit on my own in my car reading. This is the other time that the thoughts start coming to me. Which is great because I also keep a notebook in my car so I can write things down.

An example? Well I wanted to write a blog. Never having written one before yet always having something to say, I found it difficult to make up my mind what to write. To be honest, I had not even considered asking my unconscious mind. I remember thinking to myself just before I went to sleep ‘Must figure out that blog tomorrow’.

So, after spending weeks trying to decide – stopping and starting different subjects, here I am, sitting in my car at 8am in the morning having just jotted this down in 10 minutes. My unconscious mind just picked it up and worked it out for me over night.
Not great wisdom, just something very simple that we can all benefit from.

You can contact Sue Reid at or see her profile on ANLP at www.anlp.org/search.php

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