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Valentine in the new era

There is always a lot of hype over certain days in the year. Mostly, conspicuous days have a link back to nature to find the real meanings.

The 14th of February is no different.

This time sees a new season in relationship to your vision, dreams and aspirations of how you would like your relationships in your life to show up.

Traditionally it’s now Valentine’s Day yet in the past this wasn’t a metaphor of one man with one woman or a partner with another – this time of year was about the commitment to yourself.

And you could see that as an analogy of a seed committing to the light.

It seems to be an inbuilt fairy story that we will meet ‘the one’ person and that one person will take us the whole journey all the way to Nirvana.

Yet, as in all fairy stories there seems to be some ogre or monster that comes along and ruins the whole thing about three pages in!

Of course, by now you may have seen that the monster resembles something of your own self.

Yet what you may have not been aware of is that the reflection that your partners show back to you is merely to help you along your own way. There is no other obligation or reason to find ‘the one’ – other than to give you a reflection so that your path may be clearer.

In the bible it was said that when Adam was created it was not fair that he was by himself that God would create a “help meet”. Basically something that could mirror a self back to itself.It was said that God took a rib from Adam and created another self. A self called Eve. From that self we now have words like Evil, Devil, Evening and Even. A strange translation indeed.

And from that story we have now created a strange phenomena whereby it is perceived by some that woman actually belongs to man.

Yet from the original writings which date back pre-English, the real translation would be that the result belongs to the intention. And the the “help meet” that God sent was not to be a partner that liked your hair and the colour of your eyes (but a bonus if they did), but a reflection so that you and I can see each other on our individual journeys.

Of course, lovers and married couples are a good idea, yet the old paradigm of how to be in relationship is fading fast (over 50% divorces agree) and it’s time to let the past go and introduce the future of your relationships.

That’s one reason why I have created the relationship workshop. What we will be doing on the workshop is to look at all these myths,
retranslate some of them and get the reality of what we’re really doing with each other.

We will look at our conditioning and our purpose in life and then when the ground is clear enough and the soil is fertile – we will look at what we really want individually and as partners into the future.

Here are some ideas of what you will be getting into:

What do we mean when we say ‘Relationship’?
Getting out of our heads and into the playground of life!
Love is an infinite set of possibilities – we will get you back to this notion
When you say “I love you”, are you already losing the presence of love?
What do you really want?
Men v Women, what’s the difference?
How will we deal with these issues?

H’oponopono; a process to clear out the invisible chords that connect old relationships
“Find love for anyone” process
Train your third eye
Express your truth
Meditate on the flavours you want in your life now
Understanding the illusion of relationship to be free
Sending a tonal message out for what you want

We have lots of amazing techniques, including working with intuitive insight, guided self inquiry meditation, psychological supported partner work, vortex healing, NLP and creative therapy; yet we are flexible and will do whatever necessary to facilitate your truth coming out and exorcising itself.

The workshop is in Brighton at The Mercure Hotel.

Date is 22nd March. Start time 10am.

So if you’d love to find your true valentine in the new era, please come along

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