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Are we making people into sheep as we work with clients?

Are we making people into sheep as we work with clients? Or are we making them the powerful individuals they always wanted to be?

That’s as much a philosophical question as a technical one. To answer, I have to take you on a journey. Bear with me as we travel to find the pathway of this question.

I’ve studied Egyptology for over 17 years now and mainly through the Druid chain of teacher to pupil that has maintained over thousands of years. I’ve attended workshops for over 10 years, spent time with the chief druid of The Druid Order in London, become friends and spent hundreds of hours participating in certain meditations and rituals that are supposed to invoke the essence of the principles of the Egyptian race.

Stonehenge pictureThen I’ve experienced the difference in my life that these principles have made, learnt about the ideas of how nature and mankind are linked and had my eyes opened to things that made them hurt initially, but then – like being born, soon made sense on many levels. I’ve attended gatherings and learnt some of the secrets of the stone circles and the knowledge and wisdom behind them – things that you would never see, nor hear about from The Time team or Wikipedia.

I’ve seen how our so-called ‘knowledge’ of that race comes from one interpretation (from the Rosetta Stone) basically from one guy – Jean-François Champollion in 1882. He had more success than the others who tried because he could read both Greek and Coptic. He couldn’t read Hieroglyphs, but he could make “educated guesses” at what they meant.

So, basically, even though Jean-François was obviously well educated and very dedicated to this job, he was making “educated guesses”.

Which is the same as when architects found the pyramids, they were able to establish a Queens chamber inside a pyramid, but didn’t know what the ‘space’ was beside that room. So they made an “educated guess’ that it must have been a ‘Kings Chamber’ of course…..

Egyptian HieroglyphsWhat my studies of the Egyptians have come to unravel, is that this race of people were very sophisticated and had an abstract grasp of life, alongside the physical appraisal of existence as well. So a picture (or Hieroglyph) of a man’s hands tied behind his back would obviously be interpreted by us as a prisoner of some sort, would also mean a person bound by his (or her) own habits (on the abstract level). And a sword would not have to mean a weapon, but can also be an S-word. An energy source that cuts through matter. Linguistics were alive to these ancients and an amazingly powerful ‘art’ that could be wielded by those who had the true knowledge.

Hieroglyphs on stone pillarThese days, we all have words and language – but do not have the wisdom and true knowledge of those abstract meanings which lift language out of a description and into a creation (or destruction). Yet on a deep level we all know that too. Which makes us a little lazy sometimes, when we haven’t bothered to do our own study, spent some years experiencing and working on ourselves to learn at the deepest level possible (experience) and think knowledge is simply reading about things on the internet or by visiting Wikipedia.

Learning by rote is another kind of learning that parrots and monkeys can do.

Learning through experience is then translated (over time) into true knowledge.

You will know what is true and do not need others to tell you (because they just went and read it somewhere). And just because you read it time and time again – or you were trained for many years (by being told time and time again) is still learning by rote.

Learning by rote does not have wisdom or knowledge, apart from the sterile service to the seen and heard. Therefore, when you attend a workshop, join a group with an intention or apply yourself to an art to gain knowledge, you will eventually have your own “AHA” moments, that no one can take away – and that’s your true knowledge.

Doctors have not been trained in true knowledge or wisdom – they got trained via rote. They have not been trained into the philosophies of life, or the energetic qualities of how the universe around us is connected intrinsically to how a human body also works. They are engineers (and very good at engineering). They have learned over a long period of time, a model of the body and the functioning of parts. They have not been taught how a body can heal itself through various practises, nor how many religions philosophy work with the body.

Most have not been taught how Chinese medicine works, or how an Ayurvedic doctor may practise. They have not been taught how the complex energetic meridians of the body have a huge effect on the health of a patient. And they have not been taught how events in people’s lives have a massive effect on the dis-ease process of a person.

I have studied the effect of events on the psyche effect the body now for over 18 years, have attended classes in many countries and have had hundreds of clients. I studied the work of Meta-Medicine (or META-Health as it’s now called) and looked at all the evidence for the mind/body/psyche model. I then used that in practise, alongside NLP and my experience from the esoteric world – and have seen it work time after time. That’s now an experience, not a theory or an “Educated Guess”.

So when you have an opinion, and want to use this amazing virtue that was handed down by our forefathers, called words – please realise that you have attained your opinion through a website or fox news (or even the BBC), books or newspapers, it’s not your opinion at all; it’s someone else’s. And please do not try to tell us what you think you know as ‘knowledge’ when you have not experienced or studied through empirical means the subject you are expounding. That’s just as lazy as hearing about a virus and declaring them all ‘bad’ because someone on the news said so. Which could be the same as someone declaring all fire engines as causing issues because they are always present at fires!

Well, actually it is your choice. Yet there are two races of people starting to emerge in this 21st century. The sheep, who listen to all the media and make conclusions based on what they are fed – and those who will experiment, ask questions, thrive to learn for themselves and eventually gain their own interpretations that they can be happy with.

Einstein quote in a pictureTherefore, when I run my trainings, or work with clients – I am looking to expand their model of the world, bring into existence the notion of the power they have inside and guide them to some experiences that will give them their own “AHA” moments. Then they can say they have experienced something for themselves (via a good guide of course). An intuition, a learning, knowledge of themselves. Some of that takes the technical abilities that have been trained and learned from all the above practises mentioned. Yet there is also something more than that which is happening when a practitioner works with a client. And that brings us full circle to the notion of the Egyptians and how they always had an abstract meaning alongside the physical meanings in their lives. If everything is completely prescribed in a sterile science, there is no room for free thinking, abstract thinking or creative thinking. If all science is ‘set’ it cannot evolve or be free. NLP is known as an art AND a science. My understanding is that all practises would be best to keep the art (or imagination as Einstein would call it) – or they risk becoming outdated and therefore obsolete.

And I wish the same for you in your practise (whatever that practise may be), whether you have been trained by me or someone else. If you wish to know more about our forefathers and how they think, have a look at “The ABC of Abundant Living”, either through Amazon or through my website.

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