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How do the seasons affect our business?

How do the seasons affect our business?

We may think that we are an isolated group of beings on the planet which have to work in a way which is not in integration with the rest of the earth the sky and the planets. Just an evolution of animals that have no relationship to anything but ourselves and simply looking to extract from resources immediately around us.

And, as animals, driven by the adrenals. When a motivational idea comes along and tells you that you can get rich tomorrow or that you can change your life in a few days or that your diet this new diet will transform you in 21 days we all rush to buy the books or read the newspaper or article.

And there will be some semblances of truth in these writings and sayings. Yet what is not said because of marketing potential, of course, is that everything around you has an effect on your ability to be successful at any time in mind body or spirit.

I remember back in early February, I was sitting at my desk really not wanting to work. Everything in my being was saying just “go and sit on the sofa”.

Even though in my mind my work ethic was really solid, I had no motivation whatsoever to be doing any kind of work apart from things that I really really enjoyed. After about a week of this I was talking to a friend and I asked is there something in the planets right now?

Not knowing much about the planetary systems, yet that was the only thing that I could point my finger out which may be happening. My friend told me “yes” it is a mercury retrograde. So I didn’t need a diary – I didn’t need anybody else to tell me but intuitively there was something was in the air which was not conducive to running flat-out and doing my ‘normal’ 10 or 12 hour day.

Spider on webAnd then knowing that, I gave myself a bit more of an easy ride during that period and simply tuned into my body and also my mind – which then came up with a plan of what I wanted to do, and gently did those things. It wasn’t at the rate that I would normally rush off and get stuck into time bending and making things happen quicker than the very day itself. Which is more alike things in nature would do them. Insects respond to conducive weather patterns and vibrations around them for instance.

And the results that I would be expecting words coming through either – people were not booking on courses the way I would like them to either. Yet with the recognition of how this energy works I just became patient and still did my ground work, just like a farmer would look after soil during the winter and spring period.

As this energy wore off, the energy my body and my mind became much much stronger – my ability to work 10 to 12 hours a day easily came through and then all the people are expected to be booking started booking immediately afterwards.

It is the same principal when looking at a brand-new diet. What you also need to look at is where is your body now and where is your mind right now? Is it the right time to be doing a particular diet or is it the right time to be planning to do a particular die – in other words are you in the winter season in your body and mind are you in the spring season in your body and mind?

And the maintenance of that diet or of that project should also include the seasons. Of course there is more than just one season; some people are always just looking out for summer (me included, I fly south in winter) – perhaps we’ll look out for summer to be summer all year long? Yet that’s not the way life works.

Flowers and people in a roomEven as a gardener you would know that you do not cut your plants or roses on a full moon because a sap is rising and you would lose the sap from the plant. Those who play the stock exchange start to realise that during the winter period is the stocks and shares go down.

Sales and house prices traditionally go up in spring and summer.

With this kind of knowledge your results should be and according to how you are thinking about the seasons in your mind and your body not necessarily always what’s happening with the sun and planets what is your season in your life in your body and in your mind and plan accordingly.

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