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NLP World Testimonials | 2014

NLP World Testimonials | 2014

I thought it would be a good idea to get some NLP Practitioners to give their appraisal of what it’s been like since taking their NLP training.

There is always some hype after people have finished any kind of group training and there is obviously plenty of bonding taking place.

So what’s it like after all that has gone away and time has passed after completing their course? We asked this question to a varied group of NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners. Young, older, male female.

We also made sure that some were recent attendees – and some have been around a while, so you can see any lasting effects.

Rachel Coffey talks about her experience with NLP since she took her course: She has been a Master Practitioner of NLP for a few years and took her initial course about three and a half years ago.

Rosie Hall & Paul Burr give their experience of NLP: Rosie did the NLP Practitioners course in June 2014. Paul did his (now a Master Practitioner) about 8 years ago.

Rosie Hall NLP Testimonial

Paul Burr NLP Testimonial

Cathy Radcliff & Korab talk about the NLP evening and NLP in general = Full Length: Cathy took here course (now Master Practitioner) about 5 years ago. Korab is still to take his Practitioners course, yet has been influenced by Cathy (or is it the other way around) as they work together.

Cathy Radcliff & Korab edited version NLP how NLP fits in their personal and corporate world

Peter Trenholme expresses his idea of how NLP fits into the business world: Peter took his Practitioners course in June 2014.

Peter Trenholme on NLP and how it impacts on life

Timara Swales talks about her experience with NLP and the effects with her children: Timara took her Masters with me about 8 years ago.

Jodie Martin gives his appraisal of NLP: Jodie took his Masters with me about 1 year ago.

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