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Master Practitioner NLP

We successfully completed the Master Practitioner NLP 2016 on Sunday and everyone had a huge breakthrough in their understanding of NLP and their belief in themselves!

The flavour of the days was to get everyone into the understanding of NLP, rather than just giving you more techniques and tips. When each person bought into how the core structure of how beliefs work, and how people make sense of their worlds (in a quantum way as well as a linear physical process), they were ready to start the journey of developing their own style of working. Unlike other courses or institute where you have to to keep doing what the leader or teacher says into the future, our Masters makes you the creator of your own way.

The feedback has been incredible. Here are just two examples.

two master practitioners of NLP

“I wanted to touch base with you following my first 24 hours of re-integration into ‘normal’ life – as I’m completely in awe of it. Yesterday I couldn’t bring myself to go into work. I didn’t have that ‘just do it’ feeling. I needed the space and I’m so glad I took it. Instead, I went running for the first time in years. After weaning myself off the endorphins in 2013 I had believed that yoga was all my body needed. But going for a run yesterday I found myself on my old 5k route around my home – that I hadn’t run in 4 years – and I absolutely loved it. The physical exertion in the crisp air and bright sunshine was food for my soul. Then I connected with a good friend with an issue that I recognised I could assist with – and was so glad I could! Finally, this morning. Just had an intro call with a referred client. He’s totally overwhelmed and in pain but I know that I can help him get to neutral. I don’t know how specifically of course, but I trust that I can. We’ve a session booked in this evening. What a first day back!!!!!! Thank you. Thank you for facilitating this enormous shift in me. I’ve come alive.

Lisa Caddick

“I really loved the training, more life changes, incredible expansion and deep connection with my inner self and higher self. I have to say that your training is so well structured and so cleverly designed and I am repeatedly blown away by how much your incredible mind can be aware of, control, project, direct, notice, act on and powerfully transition dynamics and difficult moments and I could keep going with this list for quite some time.”

Natalie Rae

The Master Practitioner NLP course can be viewed here

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