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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Corporate training Cape Town

NLP World delivers success!

Where do you look for your corporate Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training in Cape Town or anywhere in South Africa?

NLP has become mainstream now in the UK as a respected and valuable training tool in the corporate field, especially now in Cape Town!

Businesses are starting to wake up to the fact that interpersonal skills are the future for added prosperity through staff engagement, less time off work for sickness and better, more refined, skill sets.

NLP World has delivered corporate NLP skills to over twenty blue chip companies across the globe, including the UK government in the public sector. This experience gives you the confidence you are working together with the most advanced trainers and corporate NLP skills in the world today.

What can you do with NLP in the business sector?

A better questions may be – what can’t you do with NLP in the corporate sector!

From Presentation Skills to Management & Leadership trainings, NLP World has got you covered in your field of corporate interests.

Here’s a list of companies we have trained and in which distinctions:

Private Sector:

JP Morgan Chase – leadership development trainings, career development trainings, recruitment skills trainings

Shell  – business process change events, facilitation skills training and coaching

Merrill Lynch (financial management and advisory) – leadership development trainings

Ernst & Young (corporate accountants)coaching skills trainings

AXA Insurance – career consulting

Bank Of Ireland – business process change events, facilitation skills training and coaching

British Airways – career management trainings

Forte Group (Hotel Group) – executive performance coaching

Freshfields (International law firm) – management and leadership skills trainings

Lend Lease – management and leadership skills trainings

Sony Ericsson – NLP in sales trainings

Mundipharma (Pharmaceutical company) – management training with NLP skills

Diageo (Consumer goods company)– career consulting

Sainsbury’s – career consulting

Kerry Foods Group – management and leadership skills trainings

Glaxo – Train the Trainer programme

Granada TV – restructure and change management events

Scottish Power – career consulting

Teletext – management and leadership development skills trainings, brand identity events

Takeda – team development workshop

Koru Build – executive performance coaching

Charles Tyrwhitt – executive performance coaching

Edwards – influencing and impact skills training

The Horder Group – executive performance coaching

GDS International – NLP in management, sales training and coaching staff

Public Sector:

HMRC – business process change events, new team development events, facilitation skills trainings, communicating through change workshops

The British Cabinet Office – NLP in communication training

Central Office of Information – personal impact trainings

Strategic Rail Authority – executive performance coaching

South Wales Police – NLP Practitioner training, interview skills training

Serious Fraud Office – business process change events

The whole ethos behind NLP in corporate training is to empower your staff in the areas you decide will make the most impact overall to your organisation. And it’s not just about the skill sets – at NLP World our intention is to develop people and give them skill sets, rather than just giving them skill sets!

From our experience, giving each person the chance to improve themselves, equals more staff engagement than the procedural  ABC of conventional training that may appear impressive inside the training room but does not cause any behavioural change outside, where the rubber hits the road.

To contact us at NLP Business world, click here

If you’d like more information on NLP for your corporate training needs in Cape Town , please look here




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