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NLP and Planetary systems

I imagine that’s a surprise for some of you that we have written an article on NLP and planetary systems! In the climate we are experiencing today with travel issues and election debates, I wanted to include NLP, planetary systems, nature and natural cycles into the mix alongside our quick, fast moving NLP techniques and processes.

So what have the planets got to do with change?

The ancients and now quite a few prominent scientists agree that the 7 closest planets have a vibrational quality that effects all of us individually and the planet earth too. That’s not rocket science when you imagine the tides and weather patterns mostly all come from planetary systems. All the different planets have a unique energy that can be felt by all of us. The reason for this is their incredible size. if you think that when a person comes into a room you can feel their ‘vibes’ or vibrations, think how much a planet gives off being billions of times larger. The whole notion of astrology comes from the positions of the planets, combined with your own unique make up as a human ‘planet’ of your own. Just as a planet has a magnet force, so do you…and we are all subject to each others force fields!

Depending where the planets are aligned can depend on what forces are available to you at a given time. If you are investing or withdrawing, the energy around you can make a huge difference. Hence the Law of Attraction.

So what’s happening right now?

The planet Mercury at the moment is seen to be in a retrograde motion relative to the earth, it doesn’t actually go backwards, it only appears to. Mercury is a symbol for a ray of light or heat or sound according to its vibratory rate, it rules the pituitary gland in the middle of the forehead. Mer is French for sea,a sea of light enables seeing. Cury or Cure is to do with healing, so the word secure is the same word as Mercury, your real security is in seeing things rightly.  On a mundane level Mercury governs communication and travel, so when it is retrograde it holds up anything to do with these things, and encourages you to go back and look at things again, Communication and events become unreliable so it is not a time to make decisions but to wait until you have reevaluated some things in your life.

Mercury in retrograde has given us all an interesting set of circumstances to upset us: Moving forward at pace is almost impossible in this energy. So it’s no surprise that travel has been effected, (maybe the scale of effect is a little surprising), yet it will be happening to all of us in our personal lives as well as a group. The period is perfect for stopping and checking where you are and what you are doing. Any unfinished business will come back to you to be completed in some way. Friends will pop out of the blue that you haven’t contacted for a while. Old flames may be met and looked back on to get some learning from. You may lose your job just to make you face what you are doing in that industry. With politics at the fore of a lot of our lives in the next few weeks, it’s been interesting to see how much ‘truth’ is being outed with regards to expenses and attempted cover ups. This politicking will be very difficult to get away with in this climate, so watch out for more ‘own goals’ from those that are playing an ‘old’ game of habitual politics and not looking for what’s true and honest in the future.

So what can you personally do at this time?

Staying in the present tense is a lifelong practice; to stop the fantasy of the future and stop looking back at the past as if it’s real, is something very close to ‘real’ thinking.  Most of our thoughts are not thinking at all; they are just recycled habits and patterns. The Egyptians would align thinking with digging. It takes a little effort, yet it’s needed to loosen soil and prepare old ground for new seeds. The only present tense thought can be heard when the past, present and future are here together (which is where the phrase behave came from. BE HAVE and you will be DOING).

At this time, Mercury will be governing some of these aspects, therefore your security will be being challenged. Yet it’s only the imagined security of your old habits that will be challenged. Your real security lies in the knowledge of what’s to come and also following your real path, which is probably the same thing.

So the notion would be to do whatever you are doing and do it 100% until you are not doing that anymore. Focus only on the task at hand, in front of you and let life give you the next insight/move/action that it brings from you being ‘here’. You will be challenged tremendously to be in the past or the future, yet staying ‘here’ will give you the information you need next.

The technique we have developed in the NLP family for being able to stay in the present tense is called the Hakalau, or learning state. I now call it the The Now State as it has been given additional qualities.

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