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NLP and working with weight loss clients

Weight loss clients

Many people ask me how I work with weight loss clients. Mostly I use a combination of hypnosis, submodailites and ordeals for the client.

Before the session:

Ordeals: Similar to smoking, get clients to prove to you they are worthy to work with you. Get half the money up front and set an ordeal. One that works is to get the client to send you one email per day which includes every piece of food they had in the day. Also why they eat it and what was the trigger that promted it. They must comply with your demand to send one email per day. Tell them if they don’t send the deal is off and they lose the deposit of half the money (tough love).

Do you have to eat grass to lose weight?

Girl in grass

No, most of weight loss is in the mind. During session: Work with limiting beliefs, triggers, like to dislike submodalities and release the brain washing that makes them believe that this food does something for them. Working with these limiting beliefs will make much more difference than just working with the physical diets. Metabolism is also run via the unconscious mind, so working with those aspects will give you as a practitioner the best results.

After the session:

Identify and Eliminate Environmental Triggers

Triggers are physical and psychological stimuli in your environment that remind you either consciously or subconsciously of your desire to eat these foods. The longer you have had the habits, the stronger the connections are between these triggers and your urges. So, the first step is to distance yourself from these triggers as much as possible.

Throw out any food in your house that you do not want any more. Even if it belongs to someone else, control your environment by letting other people know what’s happening and get them on the clients side.
Begin to disconnect eating from the triggers that you can’t eliminate, e.g., eating with morning tea/coffee or driving.

Work on reducing any stress in their lives that increases their urge to eat unhealthy food.

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