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Convincer Strategy

Convincer Strategy in NLP is the filter used in becoming certain or confident that something is okay.

Before you begin something new, an NLP performance coach will work with you to access that part of your nervous system that generates beliefs, by eliciting your convincer strategy. Convincer Strategy in NLP is how you use your senses to construct and maintain what you believe. So what does this mean in practice? Imagine that you want to learn how to improve your time management. Start by asking yourself “how will I know when I have learned to manage my time effectively?” This will enable you to construct an empowering belief for convincing yourself in the future that you have done what it takes to achieve your goal. Start to build a full and rich representation in your mind in all 5 senses noticing the subtle distinctions. Notice specifically external evidence for example seeing all the tasks on your “to do” list as completed and hearing your colleagues/boss/self saying “well done, you did it” and feeling really good. Notice how long do you have to successfully manage your time to become convinced e.g. one day, one week, one month, one year. Then ask yourself “what stops me from learning to manage my time effectively?” This will enable you to find out what you believe that limits you in effectively managing your time. Notice how you represent what you believe with your senses and the subtle distinctions between limiting beliefs and the empowering beliefs that you are now starting to build.

Ways to change limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs coming soon.

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