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Limiting Belief

In NLP a Limiting Belief is a Belief or decision we make about ourselves and/or our model of the world that limit the way we live.

That limiting belief will be inside the system within our internal world therefore shaping our responses to the external world and opportunities around us.

Language provides insight into our belief system. If there is a limiting belief in the system, there will be a cause and effect statement operating within our language. Here are some examples of cause and effect statements that are limiting beliefs:

Because I didn’t have a good education, I can’t get the career I want.

Because I have been betrayed before I can’t trust anyone again.

Because I didn’t have enough love as a child, I can’t express and receive love in my life.

Because one of my parents left when I was young, I believe that I am not good enough for people to stay with me.

Because I have less experience than others, I can’t win enough clients.

Regardless of the content of the belief, a limiting belief is a cause and effect that stops us getting something we want or need.

It’s like a life sentence that unconsciously rules our life.

As an NLP Practitioner, you will always be on the look-out for limiting beliefs. You can use language to dig deeper into your clients’ model of the world in order to find the limiting belief and when you do, you can using various NLP techniques to alter the model of the world and destroy the cause and effect that glues the belief together.

An essential tool for finding limiting beliefs is the NLP Meta Model, which is a selection of powerfully constructed questions that dig deeper and access the belief system. When you find the limiting belief you can change it using NLP Reframing.



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