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Hypnotism is a state induced in a person so change work can be done at the subconscious, or unconscious level. You could also say that hypnotism is the process of using hypnosis.

Hypnotism can also happen in natural situations such as shock or fear, or love.

Hypnosis is all around us.

TV and media is a form of hypnotism. Let’s look at children or babies for example, have you ever seen them lose themselves watching their favourite TV programme full of pictures and sounds. If they love it, they can appear to be in a trance can’t they? Drinking in the information.

Aside from that, now consider what happens when you get in a lift and everyone stays silent. Hypnotism is around us in many forms.

Rapport is actually a medium trance state, which can be the reason why have a sense of losing time when you’re having fun with people you really like and have a natural connection with.

What is the purpose of Hypnosis?

When our mind and body is relaxed, our deeper mind is more likely to receive suggestions and information.

When working with a client using Hypnosis, it’s a process of using language to relax the mind and body, inducing a trance state that allows the mind to receive suggestions and instructions that help them make a change in their life.

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