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Limiting Decision

A Limiting Decision in NLP is the decision that preceded the adoption of a Limiting Belief.

Sometimes we experience a challenge in our life and we make a decision that could prevent us from experiencing more joy in the future.

For example:

You might get hurt by a partner that betrays you and then you make a limiting decision during the crisis, that you will never trust a partner in the same way again.

Often a limiting decision is made in order to protect you from harm, yet they don’t always serve us. They can hinder us because we hold ourselves back from future opportunities.

They are often less obvious than that and could be a decision that we made as a child that we are not consciously aware of now. As a child, our decision-making strategies are less advanced and therefore not always best for us. These decisions that exist inside of us and have not been upgraded and enlightened, can hold us back without us  knowing it consciously.

For example, you may hear family arguing when you are five years old and at the time there isn’t an understanding of what’s really happening. Your mind may respond to the circumstances and make a conclusion like ‘too much work means pain and arguments’. Then later in life you wonder why you can’t seem to get motivated to work hard in your job, even though you really want to in order to make a good income.

In NLP, there are various methods of using language and powerful techniques to pinpoint a limiting decision that has been made.

Once the limiting decision is exposed, seeing it through new eyes and current knowledge can upgrade the system and embed the learning so that the decision can change.

Time Based Techniques are extremely powerful when finding and changing a limiting decision.


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