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NLP Practitioner Course on 8 GB USB Stick with Video Set and Manual

NLP Practitioner Course on 8 GB USB Stick with Video Set and Manual

The new NLP Practitioner USB Stick with DVD set, including 147 page manual is now available.

This set has the new DVDs and new NLP material including an updated manual, in 2014. It also includes a live version of the NLP training or a studio recorded for your convenience.

Your trainers are Terry Elston & Adam Sprackling The Practitioner set comprises all the major well known NLP techniques, plus Time Based Techniques.

The DVDs that we include show you the “how” of using NLP so you can watch what’s happening during a technique.

Our Practitioner Certification training will enable you to use NLP techniques in business, coaching, therapy and in health to help create the results you want in life.

What will you learn on the seven day accelerated NLP Practitioner set?

The Foundations of NLP – the underlying models it’s all built on!
NLP Training delegates
Not only that, you’ll learn all of the techniques of NLP. We teach the whole of the curriculum, nothing left out or skimped.

There are over twenty separate amazing techniques within NLP, you’ll know them, be comfortable with them and will be using them as soon as you finish your USB Stick with DVD set.

But what guarantee do you have of quality? When you are looking around at different training companies, do you ever wonder who to choose and why?

It seems that there are so many NLP training providers, but who is licensed or certified and who isn’t?

At NLP world, you will be pleased to realise that our trainings are fully licensed by the two major bodies in the UK and the US.

In the UK it’s with the ANLP and in the US we are accredited by the ABNLP.

In other words that means that your certification is valid practically worldwide as these respected organisations are the hub of the world’s licensing accreditations.

What are you going to get from an NLP World NLP Practitioner course USB Stick and DVD set?

Firstly, the background and backbone to NLP – the history and models it’s based upon!

Work with the beliefs of great communicators and improve the way you send powerful messages out with pure congruence and a conscious attention that you may not have thought possible.

Work with the deep structure of the mind-body connection to enhance yours and others results.

NLP Success

Setting goals: The secret to achievement with congruency!

– How to set goals that you can be certain of achieving.
– Learn powerful questions you can use in coaching that allows others to get focussed on their goals.

The science of Rapport: the secret to building lasting relationships!

– Learn how to get on with anyone however challenging their behaviour.
– Build long lasting business and personal relationships.
– Get into someone’s way of thinking so you can understand them better.
– Learn how to instantly build rapport on the telephone.
– Discover how to disagree with someone whilst still maintaining a positive relationship

The inner workings of our brains how to get results by tapping into your senses!

Discover how you code your senses so you improve and learn dramatically fast ways to getting results with yourself and others.

Look at a persons eyes and be able to know how they are thinking inside which includes learning eye patterns and how to read people’s strategy.


Get control of yours and others thinking using the building blocks of the brain-predicates-internal representation-intent

Restructure your and others thoughts to remove phobias, unwanted beliefs and old habits quickly and simply.

Discover how the structure of our thinking is directly represented in our language and then use that to assist people to get yours and others results – presuppositions in language.

Alter the way you think about people, tasks – even food! by changing the structure of your thought patterns-submodalities.

Use language with a real purpose to communicate, answer questions and change others stuck ways of thinking Milton Model, Meta-Model, Metaphor and reframing.

Work and become proficient with language patterns; All great communicators use these to get their messages across with ease

Deal with objections elegantly

Use language patterns to skillfully encourage and motivate others

Get agreement simply in negotiations

Learn how to skilfully reframe any situation to get the meaning across that changes your clients internal representations of the world.

You can learn many different ways of reframing, including business and coaching reframing for meetings, such as the as-if frame,the conditional close, the agreement frame, the purpose frame, the what if frame,tag questions,ecology frame,contrast frame,relevancy frame and other types of reframing that can assist your client to completely re-organise the pathways that they normally go down to think negatively or unresourcefully about situations.

How to empower yourself and others using naturally occurring states – anchoring!

How do some people seem to be resourceful at will, whilst others are always at the effect of their feelings?

What would it be like to learn how to take control of your feelings when you need to?

This is the process of anchoring (which comes originally from Pavlov). When you first get stimulated by a person, event or situation (let’s call that stimulus), whatever and whoever is there gets associated to the stimulus and the feeling.

That’s a neurological process, not a thinking process;therefore to undo that, or install new ways, you have to set up conditions as it would happen naturally. We show you how!

With the process of anchoring you can; Get rid of old limiting feelings or limiting beliefs by collapsing them; Get out of procrastination and become motivated; change your relationship to anyone or anything…and the chemicals that used to go with that.

In personal relationships, anchoring is the most common way to ruin a relationship or make it fly!

The proof of the pudding…

” The whole presupposition of fun and passionate belief in the material was outstanding and especially the intelligence in the delivery of the training, giving respect to the intelligence of the delegates… passion, love and respect”.
Shana Dean, Legal P.A., New York

Timeline Orrery

How is all this possible in such a short space of time?

The trainers at NLP World have all are skilled themselves in advanced learning techniques, taught at the Master Trainer Level. This enables you to get maximum learning from the CD set.

If you like the idea of the IPod or CD set but would like to go further and book on a course, we will reimburse you to the sum you paid for this set.

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You also get Time Based Techniques Practitioner Diploma Certification

Two NLP Master Practitioners

What can you do with Time Based Techniques?
Release negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear and guilt quickly and comfortably. Once shown how to use Time Based Techniques, this amazing technique can take as little as 10 minutes to release a negative emotion or limiting belief! Deleting and releasing limiting decisions like “I can’t make a lot of money”, “I can’t have the relationship I want”, and any other “can’t” that holds you back.

Learning the secret to creating your future, how to talk to your deeper mind or unconscious mind in the way it understands and responds.

Karma busting process, you won’t have to be shackled by past experiences and patterns. Your clients will be amazed at what you can do for them, in business and in Therapy!
What people say about Time Based Techniques?

The results are amazing. The world needs more techniques and people like you!”
Christine Wilson, Maidenhead

If you like to have great material, given to you in your own way, then this is one of the only training series that gives you so much, delivered the way you want it!

Pay for your training in three easy instalments!!

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