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NLP Presentation Skills, Metaprograms and Strategies

Three programs here which can revolutionise your abilities at work or on a personal level. NLP Presentation skills to develop your way of exhibiting yourself, Metaprograms to give you insights into how and why people behave the way they do (personality profiling) and strategies to put into place a way of life and living.

All these products are tried and tested through myself and clients to be the best around. The presentation skills are NLP based and therefore concentrate a lot on being rather than doing, the Metaprograms NLP MP3 is a fantastic live recording with humour and excellent information that you could start a whole industry from and strategies is a really powerful set of techniques to show you that anyone can achieve given the right structure.


NLP Presentation Skills:

Advanced Presentation Skills CD/MP3 coverRecorded live from our best NLP training on Presentation Skills, Adam Sprackling and Terry Elston take you on a purposeful and humorous journey into the realms of how the body speaks louder than the words. We cover aspects of presenting like how to gain group rapport, and how to use your energy from the front of the room to influence people and stay connected to them. We mostly show you how to be powerful just by being you. For example, the first half day, the presenter does not use words at all. That could be a relief for those out there that think they have to know all the content and become a ‘slick’ presenter. We show you more is just about being than doing. Seeing as presenting publicly is the 2nd biggest fear in the world, shouldn’t everyone have this set?

NLP Metaprograms:

Metaprograms have been evolved to take the place of cumbersome, pen and paper driven personality tests to give an amazing person to person set of easy to use questioning techniques that appeal to the deeper mind of the person being interviewed. The problem with other personality profiling tools is that they can take a long time, plus they aren’t very accurate when the tests are fixed and non-personal (where there is no-one there to get the answers in person from your truth).

That’s why we have put together this training – to show you how to elicit personality traits (metaprograms) in such a way that you get true answers from the place you want them from, which is the client’s unconscious mind.


Strategies CoverNLP Strategies is taken from a live recording and shows us how everything we do has a strategy inside it – even opening a door! That’s easy to understand on a basic level, yet knowing that the way you buy, sell and even deep love has a strategy that you may think is just natural, but is built in from your deeper filter patterns.
This strategies CD or MP3 download has been formed to offer a comfortable and sympathetic solution for anyone wishing to make a change. Whether you are looking to change a habit or improve some areas of your life or improve existing strategies.


If you want to visit our online NLP shop, there are different distinctions to choose from including trainers resources, short NLP MP3 tracks for iPhones, phones or devices, Hypnosis products, plus corporate NLP products that have easy applications to any company.



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