NLP Trainers Training

nlp master practitioner 2018

NLP Trainers Training

We are running the NLP Trainers Training in June/July 2018. This is very exciting news and has been asked for by many people for a few years now.

The team will by my, plus Master Trainer of NLP, Dr. Francesco Pellegatta. Francesco has worked with many other Trainers and Master Trainers, such as Robert Dilts, Matt James, Tad James, Richard Bandler, and John Grinder. So this will be an NLP Trainers Training with all the top trainers there in one form or another!

The venue will be The Mercure Hotel, Brighton on the South Coast UK. Nearest airports are London Gatwick (30 minutes) and London Heathrow (2 hours). The dates are June 25th – July 7th 2018.

We also have a Hypnosis training running from July 9th – 14th

There are at least two ways you can take the training. You can take the NLP Trainers Training by itself (8 days). Or take the 8 day training and then evaluation to be a trainer of NLP (another 4 days).

What’s the Big Picture?

Course: 8 days
Evaluation: 4 days
Course and Evaluation: 12 days total (we have 1 day between Course and Eval)
Pre-study: We provide pre-study for both the Practitioner materials and Masters (just in case some of you trained at different schools)
Certification: Our NLP Trainers Training is approved by AIP (the Association of Integrative Psychologist, Matt James). Also recognised by ANLP as a valid training certification.

What does the certification as an NLP Trainer mean?

What Does 'Trainer of NLP' Mean?

What can I learn as a Presenter?

What do we expect from you?

Who is eligible to come on the NLP Trainers Training course?

How much does the course cost?

The Starting Price for your NLP Trainers Training is only £2295!

Starting price for Evaluation to be an NLP Trainer £1200!!

These are the lowest prices in the UK guaranteed! BUT – get in quickly, these prices are for the first 8 people booked. After that the price rises to £2895 for the next 4, and then eventually £3500. After you’ve booked, relax, this is the best training – in a relaxed atmosphere with fantastic trainers, Terry Elston and Francesco Pellegatta

Where will this NLP Trainers Training be held?

NLP Trainers TrainingWe will be running the NLP Trainers Training at The Mercure Hotel in Brighton. A fantastic venue, near to the i360 and across the road from the beach! The training room looks over the beach and is bright and airy. We are in the heart of Brighton with amazing cafes, restaurant and the famous lanes for shopping in the evenings. Brighton is just one hour on a train from London and 30 minutes from London Gatwick airport.

NLP Trainers Training, held in Brighton 2018