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Parts Integration for life

There is nothing more common amongst the human race than the element or distinction of parts within us. We are made up of trillions of cells, each having the ability to have individual action.

Then as you look at larger parts of the body – then the whole unit, you get to realise that not only do we have incredible complex symbiosis of tiny parts, we are part of a greater whole. Our spine is mineral, our nervous system is vegetable (vegetable nerve) and our bodies are animal. We are literally the whole earth in all its evolution, in one place.

Outside of our physical bodies we have families, communities, countries and unions between countries. When the system is working well, all these parts come together to assist the massive engine to fire up and speed towards its goals and visions easily. When the valves are broken, or the exhaust is malfunctioning, the whole system becomes dysfunctional.

parts integration

Imagine an orchestra, made of tens and sometimes hundreds of players, all performing off the same song sheet. If one of those parts becomes demotivated, disillusioned or fed up with the rest, the whole unit will not function appropriately.

Or a relationship that has passed its sell by date. One or other of the partners has outgrown the other. They may have seen a greater existence outside of the original relationship that took out to sea once upon a time. Like a Captain of a ship that chooses to head for a new horizon, they may have expanded their abilities and consciousness, to a place where the old paradigm does not fit their evolution any more. On coming back to shore, the important person they tell does not see or hear the new lands that have been discovered.

And even inside the one person there may be parts that need to know how and why they should get along with each other. Dis-ease can be a reaction to the misalignment of various parts inside the body. The famous Milton Erickson said that clients only because so after they had gone out of alignment within themselves.

If your body is screaming to get out of a job or relationship because it hurts so much, but you ignore that, do you think the body will have an internal reaction? I can see no other probability!

To bring together parts is a function of chunking up (jargon from NLP about how to raise the energy out of physical behaviour to the intention of the person). It also is about looking at your highest values in life and noticing if those are being fulfilled.

Therefore to ask “for what purpose being in relationship?”, should get an individual to see what they intend to happen. If that intention is not being propagated, it’s time to re-evaluate. Or “what’s the intention of me working at this place?” Keep asking those questions until you get to your highest purpose (for example, ‘love and deep connection’ in a relationship or ‘success and fulfilment’ at work).

If those are not being nurtured, it’s time for a change.

Here’s a snippet from the NLP Online training:

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And here a section from one of the live videos: Full video is one hour:

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There is an (old) version of parts integration here – click this link

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