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Intention and Results

To me, intention and results are the same thing. Where there is an intention, there will be a result. It isn’t always the result that your eyes want to see, yet energetically the two are married together, like the sun, moon and tides.

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The most powerful entity on the planet is intention. It’s an invisible energy that can be shot like a burning arrow into the universe and come back with the material reflection in it’s tow. You could say that intention already came interwoven in every electron that exists. James Jeans said the same thing in his book The Mysterious Universe. Jeans was around the same time as Einstein and didn’t get much credit for his work on the theory of gravity, light and universal thought patterns. He concluded, through the pages, that the universe was actually a thought universe. And with that, came the intelligence and intention that keeps raising the ambitions of life.

Look back at your own life and see where intention played it’s part. I remember sitting with my friend Suzanne, after running a training in Sweden, and expressing “my next plan is to train my work to people who make a difference in this world”. Three days later I got a call from the UK government who asked me to tender for a contract to train communication skills to them.

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I was looking for some suit shoes for the beautiful suit I had made for me in India. I only wore it once a year so didn’t want to spend much but wanted high class shoes to fit the suit. Whilst i was pondering where to get them in my home town, I bought a tuna roll and went to dispose of the wrapper into a green wheely bin by the road. When I opened it, there was a pair of size 9, black immaculate shoes, exactly perfect for the suit (my size). You could also call that synchronicity (as coined by Carl Jung).

Here is the other side of intention (or synchronicity) that people often miss. Even if you miss on the goal or target you were aiming for, you still get a result. In that case it would be a reflection on what you needed to work on.

For instance, a simple analogy would be a farmer, who chooses to sow his/her seeds in winter where the weather is way too cold for success. They are still going to get the other end of intention. The other end is always a reflection. That farmer needed to wake up and use their brain better, and probably tune into what was right!

Life does not give you things if they are not in the right order. If you say you want a relationship, but keep getting the ‘wrong’ person in your life, that’s the shadow side of intention. Really the intention is to see yourself more clearly and that ‘wrong’ partner shows you everything you needed to see (if you can be enlightened enough to take it like that). The saying in NLP is that There is no failure, only feedback. The feedback is the real, original intention, coming back to be refined, so you can still go towards your goal.

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