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Perceptions Relativity to Projection

You may be asking “What’s wrong with the world today? Why is there war, petulance, poverty and disease all around?” Or you may not. You may be saying “Wow, what an amazing world of possibilities this is!”

Which one is the objective view? Obviously neither. Yet it does take a somewhat advanced mind to comprehend that your perceptions are actually projections. And to say it in another way – there is no IS perception.

I learned this to the extent where it became a reality for me. Somewhat from reading the Carlos Castenada books – A Separate Reality– and another by pure experience from attending a self-development course.

I owned a large house in Acton, London and there were many people living there from different nationalities. French, American, English, South African. When I met Jenny for the first time, I was besotted. We laughed together, danced, kissed, lay on the bed next to each other – but it never went physically further than that. I used to think “what’s wrong with her?” I never really got why we didn’t progress. One day I was attending a workshop and we were talking about reality and how we know what’s really real. The leader asked who could prove what’s real in life. I put up my hand being very confident of my answer.

perceptions sorceressI said “Let’s say, hypothetically, I was at a party and my girlfriend was over there talking to another guy. I’d see that with my eyes (because the eyes don’t lie do they?), then I’d talk to her and listen to what she says (because the ears don’t lie either hey?). Then If I saw them kissing later on I’d know the truth”. The leader listened to what I said, paused, then appeared as a figure from Lord of the Rings (in my mind), dressed in long black flowing robes. “Funny you chose that example, wasn’t it Terry?” She remarked.

I stood there, motionless. It was as if she saw right through my smokescreen to the heart of the issue. I wasn’t giving a hypothetical situation at all was I? These images were already pre-programmed inside me. At that moment I became the script writer, the director, the producer, the cameraman and the actor in the movie called “I don’t trust people”. And a lot of my life had been born out of that notion.

I went home that night, and it’s so funny how huge shifts can normalise very quickly, so I actually felt just normal as I approached my front door. I put the key into the door – and without any warning all the girls (three) from the household came running down the passageway and gave me a huge group hug! That hadn’t happened before and they had no idea where I’d been or what happened. And that night Jenny and I went further than ever before.

Taking full responsibility for your existence and recognising that the world is not what it seems, is an adult practise. Shakespeare said “The world is but a stage….” Hermes said “As above, so below”. All intimating that life is simply a reflection of the internal work we need to do whilst here. Therefore there are no real persecutors and no real victims. What we see with our eyes is our reflection and what we can work on. If there is no unjust on the inside, there will become none on the outside either. Nelson Mandela is a true example of how an adult can see a different world than that which is offered on a habitual menu. Yet you and I don’t have to be locked up for 27 years to find this out. Yet if we don’t find out, we will still be locked inner fixed perceptions and maybe taking a life sentence.

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