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The presupposition in NLP “The meaning of the communication is the response you get” is one of the most powerful linguistic philosophical backdrops there can be.

It is a phrase that assumes complete responsibility as a communicator and person. In a simple translation (for those that don’t get it straight away) is that – whatever you have said (expressed) can be judged by the impact you get back from another or others. If I say “I love you” and you reply “You never listen to me” – there is a bit of a gap between the intention and the result.

If you are one that doesn’t have a gap between the intention and the result, the result would be, the other person didn’t get whatever you were trying to say, or your communication is corrupted. Either way it’s feedback on your communication!

Then you have choices. Give up, or change your way of giving the message until it’s heard or experienced in the way you want it to be.

What’s that got to do with refugees?

If The meaning of the communication is the response you get, then what possible meaning are refugees swarming into Europe? One obvious meaning is that “we” had a hand in them becoming homeless or living in untenable circumstances because of our actions in the middle east. However galant it may seem to make our lives better by intervening in other countries affairs, the result is often and predictably instability at least and genocide, homelessness and desolation at worst.

And when you hurt someone, for whatever reason, you will end up with two actions coming from that hurt. Either victims or persecutors vying for revenge. The victims are now all coming across for a better life and the persecutors are blowing things and people up. That’s our reflection. We still don’t seem to have learned that when we involve ourselves and make a regime change, we become part of that change and therefore responsible for the ongoing struggles.

zulu and englishWhen we made war in Africa against the Zulu tribes, we didn’t wake up to the fact that when you kill their leaders, we become the leaders. That was a fact for the Zulu tribes. But when the Zulu tribes became ours to manage, we simply exploited them and did not use the opportunity to effect decent change or evolutionary mechanisms. We didn’t put in place strategies for their development in other words.

If you take the reflection of the recent refugees to a higher, more spiritual level of thinking, it would invoke the idea that we need to emerge ourselves more closely with the middle east. We need to integrate. I mean, that’s what stops wars. Diversification and integration makes it impossible to have a target. The best, most proactive way to integrate different cultures and societies are universities and travel.

If those are not available or wanted/welcomed and the cultures are so far apart that they are not coming to the same parties, life has a way of getting us together in more negative variable ways. So war may be inevitable if we are so closed to allowing, understanding and accepting other religions, cultures and creeds into our own. And then understanding what those cultures bring. The Indian culture has brought us such a wealth of business and aesthetic genres. Yet there was a lot of opposition and clashes with that culture when I was a kid.

london burningNow we embrace our curry nation and sit with Indian spiritual teachers to learn things in different ways. So why not accept there will be refugees and start now to notice what they bring. Allow them in with open arms and hearts and show them something of what we have learnt from hundreds of years of war and living in diversity ourselves. Were we not overrun by Vikings, Roman, French and other waring nations against us? Were we not slaves ourselves at different times in our evolution?

Let’s look forwards to the refugee culture, learn and enjoy what they bring, whilst enjoying our own wisdom from the experiences we have endured ourselves, over our time in this wonderful country.

Some Zulu historical facts – (some ancient philosophical facts are missing from modern interpretation)

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