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The inner world of personalities has been researched extensively throughout the ages through Freud to Jung and Myers Briggs.

The usual problem with the research that we have now is that it’s very complex and hard to quantify in the real word. What seems to be a personality trait in one situation may not be in another.

The other problem with personality profiling is that it can take a long time, plus it isn’t very accurate when the tests are fixed and non-personal (where there is no-one there to get the answers in person from your truth).

This recording is from a live training and sometimes the quality is poor when delegates are speaking. I’ve made the price low because of this, yet still, the content is fantastic!


The way we have put together this training is to show you how to elicit personality traits (metaprograms) in such a way that you get true answers from the place you want them from, which is the client’s unconscious mind.

Because these filters are deeply unconscious, you don’t want the conscious mind getting in the way or trying to say the right things in a test situation. What you really want is a relaxed conversational tool that allows you to probe the unconscious for traits without the conscious intervention.

We also provide you with an easy one-page sheet to learn and use when working with clients.

There are about 18 useful personality traits that we will show you including the well known types as in introvert and extrovert, big picture, details types, but we must emphasize that the skills we show you are not just how to read sheets of paper but how to find out how people will react IN CONTEXT.

People are not always mechanical in their reactions, they will change according to environment, pressure etc, so that must be taken into consideration when using these tools.

You can also use metaprograms to increase your ability to create fantastic presentations, via your ability to read audiences and get rapport with different personality types within them.

This journey is lead by Adam Sprackling and has many pleasant exercises that you can join in as if you were there!

This MP3 set (enough to fill 4x CDs!) comes with a manual and sheet (that you can copy) for eliciting traits.


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