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Reprogramming our DNA – Part Two

Reprogramming our DNA – Part Two by Jerome Whitney (for part one, click here)

Conscious programming of DNA?

Despite the resistance of the general scientific community, increasingly year by year, pioneering researchers progress in their demonstrations that DNA has not only bio chemical properties but has quantum interdimensional properties. However, there is the potential for an even further step in the future that even those researchers on the edge would find difficult to consider. This step is one into the possibility that the unleashing of the full potential of the latent programming existing in the non protein coated nucleotides of DNA could conceivably be influenced and directed by the focused consciousness of the mind of the very person themselves.

thermostat copyEarlier in this article (part one) it was described how “every thought we think, every sensation we feel and every emotion that wells up within us results in contributing to the modulation of a continuous fluctuating beam of magnetic information to our organs, cells and DNA.” This reality means that already human consciousness has an indirect interface into the programming of the RNA-DNA strands. Might it ultimately be possible, one day, that we will develop mind focusing techniques for direct influencing of our DNA? Evidence for transmission via consciousness fields exists in a number of disciplines particularly since the Russian research of the 1950’s. The most common worldwide experience of such an effect is with nursing mothers who instantly know when their child, unseen in another room, drops off to sleep. The step toward direct mental influence on ones own DNA may seem huge at the present time, however remember that the possibility of conscious control of brain wave patterns was an extreme idea not that many decades ago.

Quantum Epigenetics

The Mihelic study, Model of Biological Quantum Logic in DNA, demonstrates that a significant step has been taken toward extending our understanding of the range of factors that influence DNA and our inheritance. It points the way toward viewing DNA not merely as a physical bio chemical substance but as having properties that tend toward identifying it as having quantum field characteristics as well. What this will mean for homeopathy in the long has yet to be developed. However, for over two hundred years homeopaths have successfully engaged in treating inherited malfunction and disease conditions in such a way as to mitigate their transmission to subsequent generations. Further research in quantum epigenetics may well provide clues as to how to do it even more effectively.


The following reflection is based on an afternoon spent in a dusty Lake Placid New York antiquarian book shop: By the 1890’s mass marketed “dime store” novels contained references to many of the 19th century’s emerging scientific discoveries thus speeding awareness of them throughout the public domain. However, the evolving 20th century advances in the nature of internal and external electro-magnetic; geomagnetic field interactions of radio waves, radar level frequencies of mobile phones, Wi-Fi and quantum field interactions has failed to provoke or achieve such a wide spread cultural involvement. Might it be that the multinational chemical-drug cartels and the wireless communications industries have an interest in limiting public awareness of contemporary 21st century science to only that reached 115 years ago in the pre ‘Field’ era of the late 19t century pulp paper novels?

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